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Your Ultimate Permission to “Get on the Beers”- First Ever Non-Alcoholic Isotonic Beer Launches In Australia

Your Ultimate Permission to “Get on the Beers”:
First Ever Non-Alcoholic Isotonic Beer Launches In Australia

Leading better for you drinks brand Wilde has launched Australia’s first brewedisotonic non-alcoholic Electrolyte Drink – Wilde Isotonic.
A beverage that is genuinely good for you, Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed (and tastes) just like a regular beer. However, instead of dehydrating you and pulling nutrients out of your body, it replenishes you by adding lost electrolytes and essential vitamins.

The ultimate guilt-free brew, Wilde Isotonic is a healthier non-alcoholic beer or sports-drink alternative, perfect for
sharing with mates post exercise, drinking at festivals or even adding to your pub nights as the ideal ‘beer back’
between alcoholic beverages.
Unlike any other sports drinks or electrolyte beers on the market, Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed and due to its
tonicity, it can be absorbed much faster in the bloodstream. It also is made with more complex
carbohydrates and has 50% less sugar than other standard sports drinks. Wilde Isotonic is a more natural
and tastier alternative for those seeking a refreshing beer taste post-exercise, and is designed to reward and rehydrate Aussies as they celebrate everyday achievements together.

Wilde Isotonic was developed by Tribe Breweries and independently tested in order to support the growing movement towards no-to-low (NOLO) alcohol options, as well as adding to the existing Wilde portfolio which recently relaunched in Australia
as a targeted ‘better-for-you’ drinks brand. Cameron MacFarlane, Marketing Director at Tribe Breweries (who manufacture
and distribute Wilde) says, “The past two years have definitely shown us that Australians are embracing NOLO options like never before and Mindful Drinking is no longer a fad, but a way of life. With the non-alcoholic beer category already
growing exponentially, we saw an opportunity to create something truly unique through Wilde Isotonic, which we ensured would taste just like a typical Pale Ale, but work in reverse to replenish and rehydrate you, which is something that current
non-alcoholic options simply don’t offer.”
All of the vitamins of Wilde Isotonic occur naturally in beer, including Vitamins B1, B3 and B9. The challenge was to create a recipe that ensured these vitamins could be mixed with electrolytes in an optimal balance that would support athletes. Roland
Thiemann, Head of Innovation at Tribe Breweries says, “Isotonic beverages have equal concentrations of solutes and water, as blood and cells, therefore can be absorbed more easily by the body. This measurement is called Tonicity, which is
what’s been used in Wilde Isotonic to allow the drink to immediately absorb into your bloodstream after exercise and rehydrate you. No other non-alcoholic beer product in Australia currently offers this.”
Wilde Isotonic is the ideal replacement or reward for those seeking a delicious new electrolyte drink alternative, or are simply looking for a great way to finish off an exercise session with their friends and teammates.

Tasting Notes:
Wilde Isotonic is a non-alcoholic Isotonic beer, filled with electrolytes, B1, B3 and B9 Vitamins. It contains 50% less sugar than other sports drinks, is vegan friendly and contains less than 90 calories per can and zero preservatives. Wilde Isotonic is
brewed as a non-alcoholic Australian Pale Ale nicely balanced with full-bodied malt character and tropical passionfruit and pear aromas. This Electrolyte Drink pours light golden with a crisp and refreshing finish.
Classification: Electrolyte Drink
ABV: <0.5%
RRP: $15.99 / 4-pack at Dan Murphy’s and independent retailers
For further information about the Wilde brand, please visit:

Wilde Isotonic is now available to purchase in 4-packs at Dan Murphy’s nationally:

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