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WINE OF THE WEEK -Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV Blanc de Blanc

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Axel’s WINE OF THE WEEK -Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV Blanc de Blanc 

This review written by Axel Ritenis ,Publisher of The Sydney Times and Editor of Connoisseur Magazine London


 I have deliberately refrained from sharing news or information about this charming bubbly until now for purely selfish reasons,..

As a wine writer and publisher our rewards and privileges have been severely eroded by the rise to ascendancy of the Instagrammers and Bloggers,..who get payment and privileges just for posting a “curated image with caption”,..and without ever really doing any hard work,..most of them couldn’t write a paragraph ot commentary to save themselves. Grossly unfair in my book,.especially considering they have no expertise whatsoever, now it is is  sometimes worth keeping our knowledge to ourselves for selfish reasons.

The thing is I rather enjoy a cheap  indulgence,.. and I don’t want to turn this champagne into a cult wine and see it get sold out ,..which is what happened to  a number of the ALDI champagnes and wines after my reviews were seized on by profiteers in the hospitality sector. No rewards for me either way,..I don’t get paid a “Spottters Fee” for my good judgement and when the audience has tasted my recommendation,.. they will pretend they knew all along,..that it was a “great hidden gem” or  an  underrated wine,..Sadly that is the nature of the social milieu we know inhabit,…Digital and social media has created an environment where everything is up for grabs,.. so You get no credit for anything these days .What it really tells you though , that the average man still needs guidance in matters of taste,..(although if you are on VIVINO and you like sharing your wines you might take exception to this view.) but he or she won’t acknowledge it. We live in a nasty Covid world now and the more refined elements of social decorum are out the door-its all dog eat dog and “me me me” !

So now I am making a confession- This is actually my personal “go to champagne” ,.as I frequently drink a demi-bouteille,as an Aperitif or with some Seafood a few oysters or prawns .I find half bottles of this for $25 (or even 20 dollars on special)from  Coles Liquorland stores ,..and it  really suits me!

I do also enjoy the ALDI Monsigny Premier Crus ,..but this is generally a seasonal offering and doesn’t come in the demi-bouteille!

It is great to have access to a quintessentially French Bubbly for the price of a Hamburger Combo !

During the COVID Lockdown when I was living in Sydney’s Haymarket District (Chinatown was deserted but the BBQ Duck place was still open!) and I would delight in going up to the closest Liquorland and purchasing (or purloining  half a Dozen Demi Bouteilles of this stuff ),..Now I wouldn’t quite call it “nectar of the Gods,.. ,but it is close enough when you are on limited budget.

“It has a gentle mellifluous and brioche like mature Chardy flavour running through the structure and as wine writer Bob Campbell remarked in his review, it is an “Attractive wine with an ethereal texture and a fine thread of mouth-watering acidity”. …

Now as you will surmise,I have  consumed at least a dozen of these and this is my go to champagne because I am not inclined to spend $70 on my other favourites line Bollinger or Veuve Clicquot and drink it on my own,without a very special occasion.

Charles de Cazanove Brut Tradition NV Blanc de Blanc is Ideal for celebrations and the budget price would enable the sophisticated crowd  in the Eastern suburbs to drink this stuff all night,…and you know what ,..You wouldn’t have a headache the next day I can assure you.

I generally enjoy it an an Apertif ,..but I have successfully  paired it with a range of Shellfish and seafoods,..or even with some grilled Salmon.

About Charles de Cazanove

With over 200 years of history in every bottle, it’s no wonder Charles de Cazanove’s Head Winemaker, Christophe Rapeneau, was named Sparkling Winemaker of the Year at the International Wine Challenge 2017. Liquorland and Vintage Cellars  Wine Selectors ,maintain its great value from one of the largest family owned champagne producers in the world.

Tasting notes:

A nose containing confectionery notes (brioche, cocoa beans, vanilla) with strong hints of pink grapefruit. Superb freshness on the palate, delicious and structured with notes of toasted oak.

Fresh fruit yet complex bouquet powerful yet understated. elegant style with creamy mousse and delicate balance of fruit and freshness.Attractively balanced with fresh acidity and ripe white fruits in harmony, this Champagne is ripe with a dosage that gives it a soft texture.

This wine has a certain finesse and is  great value ,..from one of the largest family owned champagne producers in the world.The finish is slightly short, and it is not an intensely bubbly champagne ,,being a bit gentle but  the wine is  refreshing and pleasant. Because of the chardonnay it has subtle brioche flavour characteristics and a maturity, complexity and finesse that belies its moderate price.

Drink it quickly and in copious quantities and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year !


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Aksel Ritenis

Publisher and Custodian of the Sydney Times

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