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Wine of the Week-Botter Veneto Pinot Grigio

ST Wine of the Week 

Botter Pinot Grigio 2018 Veneto IGT



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This excellent Pinot Grigio is Straw yellow with lively highlights. On the palate, it is clean and fresh with a hint 0f minerality,…It is ideal as an aperitif and with any fish courses, The bouquet is persistent and has typical flower aromas with light vanilla notes. The palate is dry and balanced  thanks to its  flavors reminiscent of green apples 

I discovered this wine, ..whilst traipsing through my local Liquorland in the Blue Mountains recently It brought back memories of the Veneto region including Venice and Verona.  I had the privilege of visiting the region on a Tour with a group of European Wine Journalists more than 10 years ago,.. whilst officially judging wine at the Concorso Oennologico del Mondo Wine Fair,.. which is an annual April/May event every year based in Verona. (Except this year 2020 the Year of the Coronavirus Pandemic!)

I would have to say it was probably one of the best “Wine Junkets” I have ever been on…Admittedly they did make us work for our keep,(including an all-expenses-paid stay in a Luxury 5-star Hotel! However before you become dismissive or envious,.,.a Wine judge (they are drawn from every country) at the famous Verona Wine Competition is required to taste up to 300 wines per day  (in various classes and brackets) and maintain his or her sobriety!,..and it goes on for more than a week,.., so you need plenty of stamina and good food (Bread and Parmagiano cheese) in between.

Fortunately, you do actually spit most of the wine but by the 5th day, I can assure you that you are quite exhausted and have acquired a permanently stained purple tongue!

Of course, you can experience the best art and views Italy has to offer by exploring the small towns of the Veneto region, once ruled by the large Venetian empire. But my mission to Veneto and this beautiful region was all about wine.

The Veneto region (near Venice, Italy) produces more whites under DOC and is notably home to the Prosecco and Soave wines. The region is protected from the harsh northern European climate by the Alps, the foothills of which form Veneto’s northern extremes. These cooler climes are well-suited to white varieties like Garganega (the main grape for Soave wines), while the warmer Adriatic coastal plains, river valleys, and Garda Lake zone are the places where the renowned Valpolicella, Amarone and Bardolino DOC reds are produced.



Serve as an aperitif or with light foods (such as Beetroot and Chevre Pizza pictured above) and also makes an excellent pairing with Shellfish, Sushi or  Vegetarian, Mushrooms.


BOTTER Pinot Grigio DELLE VENEZIE DOC Veneto Region


Straw yellow with lively highlights. On the palate it is clean and fresh with typical mineral taste Ideal as an aperitif and with any fish courses bouquet is persistent and has typical flower aromas with light vanilla notes. The palate is dry, balanced, and soft, thanks to its full body high acidity with flavors of green apple. A light and refreshing wine. Dry crisp and well balanced with a fruity forward and creamy palate. Long finish. Excellent with fish dishes and cheeses. 


 The grapes are soft-pressed and the must obtained ferments for 15/20 days at a controlled temperature, 15/17 °C, in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then stored at 18/20 °C in stainless steel tanks until the bottling time.


Temperate, mitigated by the sea, the chain of the Alps protects it from the northern winds. Winters are cold and wet, summers are hot and sultry with medium temperature excursions. The wine is born as a local product as it is naturally bonded to the vine and to the place where it grows: the land and its different soils, the climate, and traditions. But when it is bottled, it must face global challenges and meet the rest of the world.


Botter produces A wide range of Italian quality wines, many of which are made with grapes from native vines perfectly represents Botter multi-territorial approach extending throughout Italy. From Veneto to Sicily and Apulia, the Company wine selection traces out a map of Italian oenological culture and taste, revealing its shared passion, creativity, quality, and commitment.

This wines is On special at Coles Liquorland until Tuesday 26th May 2020



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