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VISIT MONGOLIA -The country of adventure, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and a great history!

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Visit Mongolia

The country of adventure, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and a great history!

Mongolians are a welcoming and  hospitable nation and keen to introduce  their nomadic lifestyle to  foreign tourists.They are  proud to share their  amazing history, as they once ruled almost half of the Eurasian continent in the famous historical era of the Great Mongolian Empire in 13 th centuryAD



“Its nomadic way of life, vast virgin lands, eternalblue sky, and freedom of movement creates a unique impression for foreign tourists.”

Over the last few years,  the world suffered from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and numerous business sectors of most countries were  hard-hit by the lockdowns, especially in the tourism sector,..however after the pandemic lockdowns were lifted, the Mongolian tourism sector is recovering rapidly,.. and in order to enhance a fast-paced growth of recovery of this sector, the Mongolian Government made several significant decisions,with the announcement of  the `Year to visit Mongolia` for foreign tourists in 2023-2025.


See the EVENTS CALENDAR 2023 here:


There are many interesting events scheduled in 2023, including the following :

-Ulaanbaatar Marathon, K-Pop

-Festival, Playtime International

-Music Festival, Naadam Festival,

-Spirit of Gobi, Golden Eagle

-Festival, Powerlifting World

-Championship, Steppe`s Tumen

-Aduu /horse festival/ etc, which are listed with the time frame at Event Calendar 2023.

Introduction of Mongolian 30 day Visa Free Entry for Tourism without visa 

Mongolia granted citizens of 32 European countries, Australia and New Zealand traveling to Mongolia for a tourist purpose visit without visa for 30 days.

Tourists can experience  many exciting adventures depending on the location.

Tourist Highlights 

In Western and Northern parts, you can enjoy high  mountain peaks with eternal snow, fresh water lakes and natural scenery and beautiful ecosystems and  multi-ethnic customs and cultures.

In the Eastern part you can observe historical monuments, artifacts, complexes related to rich nomadic history,especially during the time of Chinggis Khan. 

In the Southern part of Mongolia you can see the Great Gobi Desert, pristine nature, paleontological findings and wildlife

In the Central part, more specifically in the capital city Ulaanbaatar you can observe the modern urban city lifestyle, various religious complexes, fancy restaurants, theatres, museums and different type of cultural festivals etc.

Ulaanbaatar is also known as the coldest capital city in the World, so that tourists who are seeking to feel the real winter and enjoy winter games and events, the best period of the year to travel is November, December and January.

Even though the distance between Mongolia and Australia is far, with the estimated flight time of 15-16 hours /excluding layover time/, tourists can get unforgettable experience and joy in Mongolian steppe, and enjoy the exotic trip in Gobi Desert. Furthermore, Mongolia is the perfect place for epic adventure lovers.

“You can experience  the real survival challenge”

Also, you can find 5 star hotels in the biggest cities all over the world, but you can stay in 5 billion star hotel only in Mongolia.

All the detailed information about `Year to visit Mongolia` can be found by clicking on the  Online Tourist  Guidel ink here:, as well as you may scan the QR code


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