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Ukrainian artist Iryna Fedorenko exhibiting at Galerini in Munich

Ukrainian artist Iryna Fedorenko exhibiting at Galerini in Munich


Your erstwhile correspondent attended an exhibition in Munich’s Schwabing district yesterday whic is of special interst because it is by Ukrainian artist Iryna Fedorenko. Iryna has been in Munich for almost six months and this exhibition captures many aspects of the Ukrainian soul, Iryna  “focusses on portraits and is especially  fascinated by eyes. capturing the  deep look of her fellow Ukrainians and people in general ,.is an endless source of inspiration for her. Of course the humanity and human condition  that she portrays in her art,..and the distinctly  Ukrainian vibrations resonates with a  German audience at this particular time.

Of all European nations,..Germany has been especially welcoming to the Ukrainian people,.. assisting them with special  resettlement packages and  with various Government assistance and  Grants ,, to facilitate their establishing new lives away from the war torn Ukraine. 

“Iryna Fedorenko is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists with over 20 years of creative experience. In the past three years her works have been displayed in more than 50 exhibitions in museums and galleries in Europe, USA and Asia under her creative alias Semira.

Born in Mariupol she lived and worked in Kyiv until she fled Ukraine at the beginning of the war. She now lives with her son and mother in Munich.”


Iryna is also a renowned art critic. She studied painting, culture and art at the National Academy of Management of Culture and Art of Ukraine, had internship at The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, at the Museum of Ukrainian Art in Slovakia, at The Italian Ca’Foscari University of Venice, participated in conferences in Boston (USA), Oxford and Cambridge (UK).

Iryna is actively involved in the promotion of modern art in Ukraine. She founded ukrainian art project #Names and two international art projects: the exhibition “DIFFERENT X” and the International Festival of Modern Art “TRACE“.

Children of War – Series

 After narrowly escaping the bombing of her home town Mariupol in March 2022, she started to depict this historic moment by creating the “Children of War” series that beautifully expresses the astonishment und incredulity about the war in Ukraine.

All paintings are acrylic on canvas and have been created in 2022.


“In her work Iryna focusses on portraits and is especially  fascinated by eyes. The deep look into the soul of  people and her subjects  can deeply resonate with the human spirit. and is an endless source of inspiration for her.”

Iryna Fedorenko

Iryna Fedorenko is best known for her impressive portraits of private individuals and celebrities.

(If you are interested in a personal individual portrait, please contact Iryna directly.)

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2020 – Award for her contribution to the development of Ukrainian art and art management. She became one of the TOP-100 outstanding women in Kyiv city.

2020 – Laureate of the Second National Award “Best Ukrainian Woman in the Profession” as an Artist.

2020 – Laureate of the project “Leaders of Ukraine” in the nomination Artist of the Year.

2021 – Laureate of the National Rating “TOP-100 successful women in Kyiv city“. An award for a significant contribution to building a decent standard of living, a high level of human culture and economic development of Ukraine

2022 – Worldwide Cultural Diplomacy Award

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