Australia, Uber’s most affordable ride is back. And it’s launching in six new cities across the country.

From today, our reimagined Uber Pool is ready to launch  to riders in six new cities – Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast. It will also roll out to existing Pool cities – Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Let’s take a step back though.

Back in March 2020 we turned off Pool trips due to the global pandemic. Uber Pool always presented unique challenges in Australia, where our cities are less dense than global counterparts. So we used the downtime to reflect, reimagine and get ready to relaunch Pool in a way where we could make it better and more accessible to more Aussies.

So, 625 days after we first turned Pool off, what does the new look Uber Pool look like?

After pilots in Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast – Pool is back better than ever. It’s still our most affordable ride, meaning you’ll save up to 30% if your ride is shared with others. It’s also now a door-to-door experience (no need to walk) and for anyone who has experienced a long detour in the past, new-look Uber Pool means you should only have to factor in an extra 10 minutes at most to your trip.

In recent weeks we’ve seen that people are well and truly moving again – making up for missed birthdays and celebrations in record numbers. But as cities move again, instead of going back to business as usual, we want to make transport more sustainable and more affordable. That’s why now it’s time to say hello, or welcome back, to Uber Pool.

How Pool Works

  1. Request: Open the Uber app, enter your destination, and scroll down to the Uber Pool ride option. You’ll see the upfront price, which may be up to 10% less than the comparable UberX fare.
  2. Ride: The app will try to match your car with other riders heading your way. Save up to 30% more if you’re matched with fellow riders.
  3. Roll on: Hop out and if you had a good trip, remember to give your driver-partner 5 stars.