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Top Chefs Highlight the Versatility of Provence Rosé Food Matching

Saint Louis de Provence 2019

Top Chefs Highlight the Versatility of Provence Rosé Food Matching

A glass of Provence Rosé is a welcome sight at any social occasion, be it summer celebrations or some zippy winter refreshment, but the Rosé’s of Provence are also the perfect match for a huge variety of dishes. Here we challenged three leading chefs to create the perfect Provence Rosé match.


Renowned chefs Justine Schofield, Colin Fassnidge and Reynold Poernomo were tasked with pairing six dry rosé wines with a three-course menu.

Justine balanced the crisp, dry and refreshing wines of Côtes de Provence, (the largest AOP production region in Provence) wines with a Sashimi Tuna Salad. Château les Mesclances Saint Honorat 2019, showed lifted orange blossom, fennel and citrus working well with the spice of the sambal dressing and sesame seed uplift. The second wine, Chevalier Torpez Bravade 2019, features the native Tibouren grape variety giving a little more herbaceous notes to the usual Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah blend. This paired beautifully with the avocado cream and protean rich tuna integrating into a creamy yet fresh and zingy finish.

Moving to the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation, the wines were super fresh, zippy with great poise and heaps of red fruit and a saline minerality that was the perfect foil for Colin’s whole baby snapper a la Provencale. The Château La Coste 2019, and Aix 2019 showed why white fish dishes work so well with the region’s wines. Combining with the tomato, roasted red pepper sweetness and aromatic basil, the wines brought all the components together, making a second glass and another helping impossible to resist.

Rosé wines from Provence match easily with fish, shellfish and vegetable as seen in Justine’s and Colin’s recipes, but they also pair superbly with more robust flavours. Charcuterie and soft bloomy cheeses are a great example, as is richer light game such as rabbit. However, savoury dishes isn’t where Provence wines finish their love affair with food. Even sweet dishes can benefit from the aromatic lift and fine acidity of rosé.

Reynold is well known for his mind-bending pastry skills, today he stunned the crowd matching the still to be fully discovered wines of Coteaux Varois en Provence with a Spring Rosé Tart. With jelly made with rosé wine, a white chocolate lined, Earl Grey tea tart case and a berry compote topped with fresh berries, the complex fruit and pastry flavours combined with the blueberry fruit and florals of the Château de l’Escarelle 2019. The blue fruit notes, often due to more Mourvèdre, or Mataro to us Australians, in the blend, again surfaced in the Saint Louis de Provence 2019. Showing a more robust and powerful side to Provence rosés and the ability to have different wines from across the region with an array of dishes, be they savoury or sweet!


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About Provence Wines

Vins de Provence, the oldest vineyard in France, brings together three appellations d’origine contrôlée spanning close to 200 km, between the Mediterranean and the Alps, across the departments of Bouches-du-Rhône, Var and a commune within the Alpes-Maritimes: the AOC Côtes de Provence, AOC Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence and AOC Coteaux Varois en Provence. These are united under the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP), and bring together some 494 private wine producers, 63 cooperative producers as well as 90 wine traders. Rosé wine is a historic specialty of this wine growing region and represents 90% of wine production. It is intimately linked to Provence’s identity, sharing the same values of authenticity, sensoriality and audacity. Today, 38% of French AOC Rosés wines and 4.2% of Rosés in the world hail from Provence and there are renowned for their signature style – pale pink, dry and aromatic.


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