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Too many Aussies going without meals and essential medical treatment !- Help The Salvos this weekend leave no one in need

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Too many Aussies going without meals and essential medical treatment!

Help The Salvos this weekend leave no one in need

New research by The Salvation Army has found that almost half (48%) of Salvos clients are going
without meals, 56% cannot afford medical or dental treatment and 78% experiencing housing
Further to this, many households were left with little disposable income.

“Those who were in paid employment were left with just $29 a day to live on after housing costs, and those on government
support payments left with only $22 a day.”

This weekend is The Salvation Army’s annual Red Shield Appeal, with more than 20,000 volunteers expected to be out in force knocking on doors and collecting all around Australia. The need is greater than ever, and The Salvos need your help to reach their goal of $36 million. “Sadly, 36% of those surveyed cannot afford medicines prescribed to them and 32% cannot pay their rent or mortgage on time. In recent years, Australians have faced unprecedented times; economic insecurity, the COVID-19 pandemic, rising cost of living and devastating natural disasters. This is why the support of our Red Shield Appeal is more important than ever this year,” said Major Bruce Harmer, National Public Relations Secretary for The Salvation Army.
The Salvos have walked alongside Australians in crisis for over 140 years. Through The Salvation Army’s network of over 400 centres around Australia, one person is supported every 17 seconds.
We live and breathe our mission in our work with individuals and families experiencing hardship and crisis every single day. What we are seeing through our research is shocking and shouldn’t be happening. We are calling on Australians to donate so people don’t have to go without meals, medical treatment, housing and so much more,” said Major Harmer.
This year marks the 58 th Red Shield Appeal, which raises vital funds to ensure The Salvation Army’s work around the country can continue. Please give generously.

For help or to donate to The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal, visit
or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58). You can also donate at any Salvos Store.

Each year, through The Salvation Army’s nationwide network of services around*:
 1.5 million meals were provided to those experiencing homelessness
 5800 women and children experiencing family and domestic violence are supported
 887,500 crisis beds are provided to people experiencing homelessness
 34,600+ people are assisted with alcohol and other drugs, or gambling addictions
 12,900+ people receive financial counselling
 $70 million + in assistance is provided through cash, gift cards, vouchers, etc.
 4900 young people are supported through youth programs
 68,700+ job seekers are supported

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