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Tiger Palm in The Village, Seminyak



Bali, Indonesia – Tiger Palm in The Village, Seminyak’s newest global shopping and dining destination has opened. Tiger Palm is the latest venture of the Sarong Group and is helmed by internationally acclaimed Managing Chef, Will Meyrick.

In keeping with the Sarong Group’s distinctive atmosphere and style, the eclectic décor of Tiger Palm transports guests to the “Palm Court” of the Eastern and Orient Hotel, combining playfully rendered tropical mid-century modernism with vintage Malay and Tiki-pop highlights. The bar has a timeless, old-school feeling, where afternoon tea can smoothly evolve into Long Island Teas and the dining area creates the perfect setting for long lunches or a quick bite whilst shopping.

The diverse Tiger Palm menu draws from the cultures and cuisines of Malaysia with direct influences of Nyonya  and Thai cooking as well as food historically inspired by the Chinese traders and self-starting businessmen from Southern India.

“During my travels through Malaysia, I have been constantly inspired by the incredibly diverse and spectacular food, both from street vendors and in restaurants,” said Managing Chef Will Meyrick. “We have tapped into the essence, history and heart of regional Malaysian cooking and by combining traditional cooking techniques with super fresh, authentic ingredients, we are excited to bring these amazing flavours to Bali.”

Fragrant dishes from the streets and kitchens of Penang have been carefully recreated with the highest quality ingredients, sourced both locally and overseas. Rich curries, soft rice noodles, crispy bites and fresh fish are inspired by Chef Meyrick’s travels, his in-depth research of Malaysian cuisine and his close associations with some of the regions top chefs.

Accommodating 120 people, Tiger Palm has created a significant presence in The Village as its exquisite setting and menu lends itself to elegant and convenient all day dining.


Will Meyrick’s career has led him from London to Sydney and extensively through South East Asia. After a successful period working with several of Sydney’s leading restaurants, Will returned to Bali where, with the highly successful Sarong Group, he heads up the flagship fine-dining restaurant Sarong, it’s highly-regarded sister restaurants, Mama San, Mama San Hong Kong and Mama San Kuala Lumpur, E&O Jakarta and Hujan Locale in Ubud.

Will has authored a highly successful cookbook, Sarong Inspirations and has featured on national and international TV programs including the Indonesian series of the global Top Chef franchise and Back to the Streets on Asian Food Channel.

Will continues to explore the culinary landscape of Asia, taking inspiration from the unique food culture of each destination, spending time in street stalls and local kitchens, documenting original recipes handed down through generations of local families. Will then experiments and reworks the flavours, ingredients and textures to transform them into the signature dishes that have earned him a global following.