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THIS is what climate leadership looks like

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THIS is what climate leadership looks like 

Dear Reader 


This is what climate leadership looks like. Today, the NSW community Independent candidates outlined a series of sensible reforms that provide a pathway for the state to stop insane new coal and gas developments.


With the media increasingly reporting the very real possibility of hung Parliament in NSW, it is all the more important to have a crossbench of experienced and passionate pro-climate, pro-integrity Independents. Will you chip in now to help them win and put these reforms at the top of the agenda of the next NSW parliament?

These reforms would have a huge impact on moving NSW and Australia away from dangerous coal and gas projects that have been propped up by NSW tax-payers for far too long.


Community Independents are demanding:

  • Climate impacts be considered for the assessment of every new coal and gas project;
  • Stopping coal seam gas pipelines on the Liverpool plains — some of Australia’s richest farmland; and
  • Allowing communities to challenge coal and gas approvals in the land and environment court.

Collectively these reforms are key to helping NSW transition away from coal and gas and towards a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. They are also essential to empowering communities who are impacted by coal and gas mining on and near their land who have been ignored by successive major party governments.


Can you help get these candidates elected? 


With only two and a half weeks to go our window of opportunity to get these climate champions elected is closing. Let’s get them elected and get these reforms legislated.


Together, we can do this!




P.s. the NSW Liberal-National Government should be thinking about a pathway away from fossil fuels, but instead have approved 18 fossil fuel projects since the last election – and looking to approve another 8 this year alone. It has taken Independents standing up and working together to lead the state towards a cleaner future. That’s the power of the community Independent’s movement, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you for donating. 

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