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The Festive Season Starts Early With Fleurs De Villes NOËL

Written by Aksel Ritenis

The Festive Season Starts Early With Fleurs De Villes NOËL



FDV Announcement

Emporium Melbourne Presents Fleurs De Villes NOËL

Global sensation Fleurs de Villes returns to Emporium Melbourne bigger and better than ever. Showcasing the phenomenal floral talents of Melbourne’s best florists with even more stunning displays, plus flower markets and workshop masterclasses.

The spectacular 10 day exhibit begins on November 10 until November 20, celebrating Australia’s unique flora and filling the centre with Christmas themed displays. Grab a coffee and bring your friends and family for a free self-guided tour that everyone will love.

Exclusive Workshops
FDV Workshop

Create Your Own Floral Wearable

Intricate in design, craft your own stunning accessories, perfect for the warmer seasons ahead.
FDV Workshop

Create Your Own Floral Wreath

Craft a statement piece for your home that can be displayed year round with this everlasting floral wreath.

Don’t miss out on a range of exclusive floral workshops. Create your very own floral art pieces in time for Christmas.

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