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Sydney’s first “Gnoccheria!”

Sydney’s 1st “Gnoccheria!”

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Western Sydney’s beloved Italian eatery has transformed into a full-service Gnoccheria.

The concept speaks for itself and grew out of the executive chef’s passion for creating mouth-watering gnocchi and experimenting with flavours.

L’Olio La Gnoccheria is located in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest industrial institution and the recent renovation has transformed the humble Italian eatery into a hotspot.

Melissa Canclini, restaurateur and executive chef, has done the hard yards behind the scenes and has worked her magic to create the recipe behind these perfect ‘fluffy pillows’ that taste as good as they look.

“Growing up, I was always in the kitchen experimenting and trying to get this recipe right. My gnocchi cannot be mimicked and only very few know the secret!” says Canclini.

“It’s been a long, but worthwhile, journey and I’ve loved every step of the way…people eat differently in 2019 so I needed to think outside the box and deliver what the customers wanted to start seeing,”

“My heart instantly turned to taking the gluten out of gnocchi and experimenting with vegetables until I was able to unlock the secret to completely vegan and gluten free gnocchi combinations.”

Canclini’s gnoccheria not only serves delicious potato gnocchi but also gnocchi made from spinach & ricotta, beetroot, eggplant, squid ink and pumpkin!

“The pumpkin gnocchi is my absolute favourite. They’re soft and fluffy, entirely gluten free and served with a burnt butter, sage and walnut sauce,” says the executive chef.

“For me, it’s about trying and testing until its perfect. My gnocchi is made to perfection and my repeat customers attest to that,”

“Western Sydney has been craving a concept eatery for decades now. I’m excited to be delivering this gnoccheria concept and serving the tastebuds of everyone that comes through the door.”

Melissa Canclini is the founder of L’Olio La Gnoccheria. She worked under the executive chef at Ecco Restaurant Drummoyne prior to 2005, and has also participated in The Good Food Safari Tour .

Her famous gnocchi cannot be replicated.


Instagram:  loliolagnoccheria


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