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Sydney Times Membership-Benefits

Sydney Times Membership-Benefits

Membership Access and Benefits  


Enjoy the Benefits and Support Truthful Journalism in the process 

Your subscription will not only help us to provide accurate news and engaging features but will also contributed to the revival of Australian Journalism with a social conscience ,..and help safeguard our freedoms and democratic tradition which are under threat from all levels of government and from what can only be described as a pandemic of greed and corruption that has swept the country,. And is promoted through social media. 

 By subscribing to our community, you are assisting to bolster our operating revenue so your support can help us to carry on the important work we do in promoting Citizen Journalisms. And providing a Platform for the dissemination o News and Information for the community. Without any political agenda or Bias in presentation.Your support to the st can help Thank you for your support for just $1 dollar a week. 

Unlimited Access 

Sign in for complete access to every story and all our content including  specially selected subscriber /Member only content You can’t find anywhere else! 

Join the Debate  

By commenting on articles, you can add your voice to the engaged subscriber community and be part of the conversation. 

Join today for just $1.50  a week. Cancel any time. 

The best thing you can do to support our mission is to subscribe. We know there’s tough times ahead for everyone so we’re discounting our subscriptions because we’re going to need all the hands-on deck to weather the storm. 

Stay with us for just $2 a month and get your first 12 weeks of ST  for $12 when you use the promocode WELCOME6 when you subscribe*. 

Once again, thanks for giving us a trial run. 


Access to content and articles on the Sydney Times Digital Platform is not automatic and Free  

The reason for this is that hacking from overseas agents is so prevalent …that there is absolutely no point in giving nefarious agents access to our website. And honest and normal readers in Australia or overseas will. Not have a problem logging in with social login…using either Facebook. Twitter or LinkedIn ,..this is now a requirement of many websites and publications as the frequency of Cyber hacking continues to rise. the anonymous use and access to our site intent on stealing content images or causing other damage is no longer no longer possible. 

We do not impose a Paywall (such as Newscorp or other mainstream News and Media platforms) do….and by complying with this requirement to login and identify themselves as bona-fide readers and not Bots or Hackers, Readers will have immediate access to all Standard Content comprising articles and content. Or Free with no charge. 


Membership has Benefits  

Body coming a member of the Sydney times community members have full access to the ST’s  Premium content and Newsletter with Buyers Guide and Restaurant and Wine Club Tips. Members also have access to our ST You are also able to share stories Via  Social Media with ease. Archives and all Community Resources including the following: 

However, if readers wish to access Premium Content or our Information sources, … a Membership subscription is necessary 


1.) Premium content  

2.) ST Events Calendar  

3.) ST Restaurant and Shopping Guide   

4.) ST Business Directory   

5.) Posting an Event on our Events Calendar 

6.) Posting a Media release or Publicity content  

7/) Posting Branded Content or Publicity Content 

8) Posting a Classified Ad or a banner  

or Advertising requires  Membership, 


Because as Custodians of the ST site this involves Admin fees and we are acting as Gatekeepers and administrators and it takes time to check all Bonafide’s and credentials,.. 

it is necessary to become a member of the ST Community with a subscription payment of $3.00 per month. Or with a one-off payment of $28.00 which is payable annually (This is payable with credit card on a subscription basis or by PayPal.) 

By registering as a member …Readers will also be entitled to post comments on our Forums and share content. 

Engaging with the ST Community at 

By becoming a member at you automatically acquire the right to Post your comments and Share our articles and content on your Social Media I.e. to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and also LinkedIn or WhatsApp. You can also send our articles and content to your friend’s inboxes by entering their email address. Or you own , that you can read the content at a later stage.or to your friends addresses. 



On completing their membership ,..Members receive a weekly Newsletter (Digital Edition) containing information with Offers and Deals. 

Posting Media Releases  

In order to Post an Event on our Events Calendar, Or a paid Media Releaser. Or to make comments on the website in response to an article and participate in the life of the newspaper,,..or place publicity or advertising or send in a letter or Forum comments require membership…. for obvious reasons…In this day and age it is standard practice to require identification in a Post Covid world ,..even the purchasing a coffee consumption of a coffee in a café requires registration. 

Members also receive a Membership card entitling them to attend any ST Events  

s only available to Sydney times Community Members who have paid the Minimal membership Admin Fee of $10 annually. 



How to join

You can join online, or download and print the relevant membership application form and complete your details. Come in to the Club with photo identification and your application will be processed on the spot.


Membership fees

General Membership-Standard Membership Plan is operated by Zlick UK in accordance with their terms and conditions .

One Year $60 paid on a monthly basis

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Publisher and Custodian of the Sydney Times

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