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Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Early Report Sunday 6 pm

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Early Report Sunday 6 pm

One of the three main contenders for Sydney to Hobart line honours, SHK Scallywag, won the start out of the harbour to the heads but then hit early trouble with a sail problem that dropped  it behind leader LawConnect as the fleet heads south.

LawConnect was sitting  13 nautical miles east of Kiama, leading by 2.9 nautical miles from Black Jack.

Scallywag is a further 0.9 nautical miles behind, with Stefan Racing in fourth, 7.9 nautical miles behind LawConnect.

However the third and fourth place boats are going faster than their rivals, with Scallywag at 14.9 knots and Stefan Racing at 15.1 knots, compared to 12.9 for LawConnect and 13.3 for Black Jack.

Latest reports indicate that Scallywag is back making the most of the wind. If the crew can maintain that  for the rest of sunday  evening, they might be a lot closer to the lead by the morning. 

Report and photos compiled by Axel Ritenis

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