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Feel-good Fringe Festival cabaret Sept 9 – Philip de Villiers in SMILE!

Sydney Fringe presents Philip de Villiers in SMILE
A cabaret-feast with candour, humour and lots of heart

This feel-good festival feast is a must-see!
Philip de Villiers performs for one night only 9 September at the Sydney Fringe Cabaret Club in the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel,
in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. A 60 minute smile-fest, Philip’s show is guaranteed to leave you beaming.

Straight from the NAFA Fringe in Townsville, Philip shares his personal story in a cabaret bursting with showstoppers, bush ballads and cinema classics.
Sing along to numbers like “Over the Rainbow”, “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Que Sera”. Escape to a world where love, hope and good cheer triumph!

Philip de Villiers is a seasoned showman who delights young and old with his versatility, musicality and quirky sense of humour.
Since his arrival from South Africa seven years ago, he has performed more than 200 concerts in Sydney, and appeared in stage productions
such as ‘Baz and Bond’, ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ and ‘Comedy Tonight’ for the Mosman Musical Society.
As seen on Channel 9’s “A Current Affair”, Philip made a breakthrough during the pandemic
when he reached out to a worldwide audience with a series of bedazzling online concerts.
Now he brings his joyful toe-tapping show to the live stage.

This new show had its beginnings in Townsville earlier this year, when ‘SMILE’ was invited to the North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA).
Ahead of the fest, Philip funded the show with a 4-week promotional tour at retirement villages and playing accordion at night markets.
One of the villages organised a bus to come and see his festival show, which brought him his first full house!
Now he’s repeating the formula, but on a grander scale, with a 40 day tour from Sydney to Melbourne and from there to Cairns
– with ‘anchors’ along the way at the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Fringe Festivals.

Along the route he’ll be performing at retirement villages, aged care homes and public venues, connecting with communities and camping in exotic places!
“I’m originally from South Africa and haven’t travelled much by road in Australia,” says Philip.
“So I’m very excited to connect with communities in regional towns and build relationships.
I often describe my job to audiences as “making friends for a living,” so this will be taking it to a new level!”

Philip de Villiers in SMILE!
Fri 9 Sep, 8:00pm | 1 hour | Rated M
Castlereagh Boutique Hotel – The Sydney Fringe Cabaret Club
Tickets $30 – $35 Bookings and info:


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