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Sydney anti-lockdown rally turns violent as demonstration turns into “Superspreader Event” !

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Sydney anti-lockdown rally turns violent as demonstration turns into “superspreader event” 

Dozens of people have been arrested after protesters clashed with police in Sydney yesterday during a protest march wich passed through Sydneys haymarket district just after it was declared a COVID Hotspot !

Thousands of people took to the streets of  Sydney, to protest COVID-induced curbs as the country battles another surge of the coronavirus. 

NSW Polie confirmed that at least  57 people were arrested and charged in Sydney after the demonstration turned violent. Large crowds broke through barriers and one group charged at mounted police officers, throwing missiles including potted plants and bottles. 

The demonstrators who assembled in Victoria Park near Central Station,..brazenly flouted curbs on non-essential travel and public gatherings soon after NSW Government authoritiesadvised the restrictive measures could remain in place until October.”

“The Greater Sydney area has been in lockdown for the past four weeks as the wider state of New South Wales posts record numbers of new infections which do however pale into insignificance in comparison with Australia’s Asian neighbours to the north including Indonesia Malaysia and Thailand where literally tens of thousands of new cases are detected every day.”

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Melbourne and Adelaide on Saturday, with several arrested after violent clashes with police.

A group charged mounted police officers while throwing pot plants and bottles, as opponents of Sydney’s month-long stay-at-home orders took to the streets.

Maskless demonstrators flouted rules on non-essential travel and public gatherings a day after authorities suggested restrictions could remain in place until October.

Police in Sydney said they had launched a “high-visibility policing operation” in response to the protest.

“So far during the operation, a number of people have been arrested,” Police said.

Organizers had described the protest as a “freedom” rally and publicized it on social media pages frequently used to spread vaccine disinformation and conspiracy theories.

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