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Sunday, 3 March marks International Irish Whiskey Day

Written by Aksel Ritenis

This Sunday, 3 March marks International Irish Whiskey Day.

Irish whiskey is really having its moment once more (not just in Australia but world-wide), whether drunk straight or mixed in a cocktail, this spirit has definitely returned to the drinks menu once more. It has also recently become the fastest growing spirit category in the world, while Teeling (Irish whiskey) is the 7th fastest growing world whiskey brand, and has just become the fastest rotating Irish whiskey in the USA.

Teeling Whiskey is from Dublin, an independent distillery run by two brothers. They resurrected their family business just five years ago, 230 years after its original heyday. Its growth has been exponential: now available in 46 countries, while remaining independent and family run.

As part of the International Irish Whiskey Day celebrations, Teeling will be operating a pop up bar at the QV Outdoor Cinema, serving up two incredible cocktails, one mixed with local beer (giving a nice Aussie twist!).


“Teeling Storm”– looks like it’s going to be a really warm day so this Hi-Ball style drink will be a nice refreshing sipper for attendees to cool off with- we will be using Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer for these. Recipe below and image attached.

“Teeling Boilermaker” – This will be our Teeling Small Batch Rum Cask Whiskey served side by side with Stomping Ground Brewery’s Gipps St Pale Ale. Given its International Irish Whiskey Daywe have added  a boilermaker option which are very on-trend now and it means the whiskey can actually be tasted by itself.

Also because it is a classic Irish drink served  in pubs at home in Ireland; essentially a premium take on the old beer and a shot served together by using premium craft whiskey and beer.

Teeling regularly  work with the Stomping Ground  and they are also trending massively in Melbourne right now with their La Boca pop-up at the Arts Centre and their Terminal 3 ½ pop-up at Melbourne Airport.

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