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Submitting News, Content and Tipoffs  to the Sydney Times 

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Submitting News and Content to the Sydney Times 


(For PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION- please see Media Release page )

We are NOT a free news posting site . 

We accept news announcements, media releases, and branded content  

You may submit news announcements free of chargebased on queuing system and prioritized in order of importance by staff of Connoisseur magazine. 

At Sydney Times and Connoisseur magazine, we publish the work of many authorsrepresenting multiple viewpoints. Are you interested in submitting an article with us? 

Sydney Times seeks to not only work with established organizations and individuals but to empower undergraduate and graduate students worldwide to publish in a range of study areas such as business, humanities, journalism, politics, and social sciences. 

As the Sydney Times is an independent organization, our approach is to seek to present all sides of an issue – we believe this allows readers to then make informed decisions.  

If you have aarticle you would like to submit to us for review, please contact us for our guidelines – these are quite simple and in general follow the AP Stylebook; write to 

For those persons or organizations that would like to publish via Sydney Times (or Connoisseur, luxury lifestyle magazine) we can also provide an author or organization page with links and credits. 

Guidelines for article and news submissions: 

  • Send us your article/news item for checking and review  
  • Email us with a Word document attachment at  
  • All comments regarding the article/news item should be referred to the company mentioned in the story and not this website  
  • For feedback and other concerns, our system requires you to enter your real name with valid email address (your email will NOT be visible online and no link to your email address will be made) and verify you’re a real human by entering an anti-spam word (“captcha”) provided at random.  
  • All comments are moderated and held for review prior to publication to prevent “comment spam.” Please note that self-promotional link messages will be deleted. 
  • We accept tips or information of vital significance to news stories from bona fide personwho may be concerned about an injustice or other issue arising from a published article. 

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