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How submit a Media release to The Sydney Times?

Written by Aksel Ritenis

How submit a Media release to The Sydney Times?


1.) Submitting a  Media release to the Sydney Times 


(PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION- please see media release page )

*We are NOT a free news posting site  

We accept news announcements, media releases, and branded content  

You may submit news announcements free of chargebased on queuing system, and prioritized in order of importance by the staff of Sydney Times or the separate but related Connoisseur Magazine,..Australian Editon for Luxury Lifestyle content.

At the Sydney Times (and Connoisseur magazine,) we publish the work of many authorsrepresenting multiple viewpoints. Are you interested in submitting an article with us? 

Sydney Times seeks to not only work with established organizations and individuals but to empower undergraduate and graduate students worldwide to publish in a range of study areas such as business, humanities, journalism, politics, and social sciences. 

As the Sydney Times is an independent organization, our approach is to seek to present all sides of an issue – we believe this allows readers to then make informed decisions.  

If you have aarticle you would like to submit to us for review, please contact us for our guidelines – these are quite simple and in general, follow the AP Stylebook; write to 

For those persons or organizations that would like to publish via Sydney Times (or Connoisseur, luxury lifestyle magazine) we can also provide an author or organization page with links and credits. 

Guidelines for article and news submissions: 

  • Send us your article/news item for checking and review  
  • Email us with a Word document attachment at  
  • All comments regarding the article/news item should be referred to the company mentioned in the story and not this website  
  • For feedback and other concerns, our system requires you to enter your real name with a valid email address (your email will NOT be visible online and no link to your email address will be made) and verify you’re a real human by entering an anti-spam word (“captcha”) provided at random.  
  • All comments are moderated and held for review prior to publication to prevent “comment spam.” Please note that self-promotional link messages will be deleted. 
  • We accept tips or information of vital significance to news stories from bona fide personwho may be concerned about an injustice or other issue arising from a published article.

2.)Publishing a Media Release on the Sydney Times “Digital Platform”  


The Sydney Times has launched Media Release Publishing Service for our community provided on an admin fee basis. 

The Sydney Times is our city’s 21st-century online newspaper and a leading source of breaking news, politics, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and much more for Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and the world.  

A vital function of the Sydney Times is to carry NSW Government news and press releases as well as news from Sydney City Council and many other NSW based businesses and Federal Government agencies.

The Sydney Times carries press releases from a wide range of Sydney and other NSW stakeholders and government departments and authorities, and functions as an “authoritative information platform for the Sydney community. “

The Sydney Times is conscious of its responsibility to provide a reliable platform for the publication of news and information to the community, however, we need to cover our overheads and the expenses involved in publication.

For this reason, we have developed a Scale of Fees that will apply depending on the complexity and urgency of your posting. 

We are NOT a free news posting site. Sydney or Australian community members or stakeholders who wish to share information on the Sydney Times digital platform can apply to have their publicity or media releases posted on an ADMIN FEE BASIS. 

Government agencies and non-profits:  

If you are part of the press office for an NSW State Department, or the City of Sydney Council, or the Commonwealth Government and its agencies, you may submit news announcements free of charge, provided they are sent from an official e-mail account, and in MS Word format (or PDF).   

Media releases from cultural institutions: 

You may submit news announcements free of chargebased on a queuing system and prioritized in order of importance by staff of Sydney Times, according to our internal policies and in compliance with our Mission Statement – to broadcast news and information of interest to the Sydney Times community of readers – who may consider this information or content to be of importance. 

Advertising agencies and media agencies: 

For Ad agencies and PR firms hired by a state agency, a fee of $100 plus GST per unique announcement with an image is payable to publish news on the Sydney Times siteTo order this option, click here. 

Commercially motivated businesses e.g., Business which wishes to publicize their promotions or events on the Sydney Times Food Guide such as wineries, restaurants, luxury goods retailers, real estate agents, hotels, etc., generally come under our administrative fee system. Noteworthy News may be carried Free of Charge on the grounds that it is compelling and essential content,..You can broadcast your announcement, offer, product or service promotion on the Sydney Times digital platform website with payment of an administrative fee.

*Payment of an Admin Fee will invariably expedite the handling of your Publicity Content,..and allow us to remunerate Young Sub-Editors or Intern Journalism students performing the work.

This admin fee is charged on a scale and based on the difficulty and complexity of the posting. Any additional social media targeting services using demographic selection on Facebook or Instagram,..may also be negotiated on a Fee basis. 

Commercial Media Releases, Company News or Events  

These may be accepted from private or public companies or businesses in relation to news or events. 

An admin fee of $100 +GST is payable for a two-page media release in the publicity media release categories, visible on the site at the discretion of the Editor. These are normally published within 48 hours of receipt, Monday to Friday 

Urgent requests for publication will attract an additional service fee of $100 +GST  

Images or banners may be accepted with the media release by arrangement and at the discretion of the publisher. 

Submit news as an MS Word file to with Attention Sydney Times media release in the subject line. 


Charitable and NFP Organizations  

We will also accept news and media releases from charitable and non-profit organizations. We have a NOT FOR PROFIT  category for news. In some instances, the media release may be posted free of charge, depending on its importance to the Sydney Times community of readers. Generally, an admin fee of $75+GST will be levied to cover the cost of publication. These media releases will be posted within 48 hours of receipt, Monday to Friday. 

Enquiries to: 

Submit your media release or news as an MS Word file to Media release with ‘Attention Sydney Times Media Release’ in the subject line. 

Press Release Distribution Options: 

Connoisseur magazine is a leading arts, culture, and luxury lifestyle publisher, a leading information publisher and news dissemination company founded in London in 2007. After posting your content, media release, or event on Connoisseur magazine, you can expect it to be “picked up” by Google and other search engines that monitor and share news from the Connoisseur site, including Google News, Bing News, social media, daily media (newspapers/broadcast), top information systems and more.  

Post on 

Post your news, publicity release, branded copy for luxury goods and services on this site, with photo or logo; and have news potentially appear in Google News, Bing News, and information systems worldwide or get picked up by competing media. (The Sydney Times reserves the right to reject publicity.)

$100.00 per announcement 

Buy Now 


Post your event with image on this site, PLUS have your event sent by email to editors at newspapers, TV and news/talk radio; news syndicated online nationally on 100+ websites; Google News, Bing News, information systems, and social media. 

$50.00 per announcement 

Buy Now 

Targeted Social Media Campaign NSW 

Post your news with image on this site, PLUS have your news shared on social media with demographics targeting on Facebook. This service is offered throughout NSW and performed in collaboration with the client on acceptance of the brief. 

$399.99 +GST per announcement 

Buy Now 

Payment can be made by selecting the appropriate PayPal button and following the normal procedure. The identificatory PayPal receipt number should then be emailed along with the media release to Media Release using the following with Attention Sydney Times Media Release in the subject line for speedy upload. 

This User Guide is copyright and has been compiled by Publishing Editor and Custodian of the Sydney Times Newspaper brand Aksel Ritenis and is subject to change and further development in response to our Community of Users.

If you wish to join the Sydney Times Community and make suggestions and recommendations to make improvements  please contact me at the follwing e-mail address




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