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Stock up -Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc on Special at Dan Murphy for 3 Days

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc on Special at Dan Murphy- 3 Days only!


“I would be an absolute liar if I didn’t admit to drinking Villa Maria Reserve Sauvignon Blanc pretty much every week!”

And I always stock up when its been reduced to $10.00 (as opposed to the Recommended retail price of $16.00!! I mean this is an absolute steal and I don’t understand why the producer permits this,…other then that they have huge volumes to shift!?

I love to share “Top Deals” with the readers of the Sydney Times,…so wether its ALDI, DAN MURPHY or the corner retailer ,..if its great value we will share this information with you,..thats our job!

The problem is that this wine is a mates  “standard House white”  and “its pretty much the only “NZ Sav Blanc” that he drinks week in week out, every time I visit him ,…he has a bottle open,..the familiar Grassy and herbaceous nose ,..with overtones of Blackurrant leaves and Cats pee,….it sometimes reminds me of the stairwells I had to navigate in Eastern Europe,...but in spite of this,.. it does the trick every time,…even when I have a jaded palate ,.. ,…I swirl it around in my standard Riedel wine glass in wonderment,…and get seduced by this marvellous wine. Divine with oysters,..or Prawns and fabulous with Chinese Yum Cha or Entrees.”

Now I really love Cloudy Bay ,.which is a more subtle and classy drop,…not to mention the finewine Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc and my French favourite is Henri Bourgeouis,.. all of which I have sold or drunk in vast quantities,..I used to drink and sell it in Europe , Sydney,..London and even the Baltic Capital ,..Riga where I got invited to a Villa Maria Dinner,…..and Yes,.. I  have even visited the Winery in Marlborough ,..where I was given a tour of the Winery and presented with a lovely Alfesco Dinner!,… now irrespective of all this I can honestly say  I never tire of the stuff,,..its quite amazing!

*OenoTourism Tip: Fly to Christchurch Rent a Car and drive up to Marlborough ,…its a great wine region and too good to miss! Whne you tire of the whites ,..progress on to the delicious Pinots!

Now in all fairness,..I need to mention that I am also a fan of Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc and Stoneleigh wines,..but Villa Maria just has more focussed intensity and really carries on to the back palate,…amazing length for a commercial wine!

It delivers the goods everytime,..and goes great with Chinese,…especially entrees like Prawn,…and also smoked salmon,…It absolutely rocks with Sydney Rock Oysters,..and I doubt you would find another Sav Blanc with the length and intensity of this wine,…I don’t understand how they do it , must be a secret recipe because no one can match them!


“It doesn’t seem to change much between vintages so you always know what to expect, that can be good or bad depending on your viewpoint,but for us it is a plus.

Dan Murphys Notes:

This is New Zealand’s “Most Trusted Wine Brand” comes this scintillating Sauvignon Blanc. Bursting with classic Marlborough character sourced from the very best of Wairau and Awatere Valley, expect a fruit-forward intensity with masses of mass appeal. Bright, zesty and inviting, make your palate privy to this Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc!

Customer Comments/Endorsements  extracted from Dan Murphy website “

“A top Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc great buy when it’s on special. A superb qualitty wine from a top winery in NZ. One of our favourites”

“I buy this wine every time it’s on special I buy a couple of boxes. It is fruity, smooth, and a really nice wine. Not to sweet. Fully recommend it. My favourite wine.”

I call it Villa Relaxa. Say no more. Love it!!!Really enjoy this wine and so do my friends. I always have some here. Love the flavour. Try others and go back to Villa Relaxa!!!”

I Wouldn’t like to labour the point , if you haven’t actually tried this wine, yourself a favour ,..and if your a regular drinker of this wine ,..stock up and Enjoy!

Written and edited by Axel Ritenis




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