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“French Muscadet for Oysters”-SydneyTimes Wine of the Week

Written by Aksel Ritenis

“French Muscadet for Oysters”-SydneyTimes “Wine of the Week”


Muscadet sur Lie 2017

This is a terrific value fresh and intense white that “punches above its weight”!

The first time I tasted this wine at a Loire Valley Trade Tasting,.. up in the Sydney Centrepoint Tower,..I was probably a bit exuberant,.. as I hadn’t had a drink for at least a month ,…But my colleagues at the tasting seemed equally impressed ,…and my judgement was further confirmed after I drank a bottle of this refreshing dryish white on the weekend,… with half a dozen plump Hawkesbury Oysters.

This Fresh and beautifully structured Muscadet that I was drawn to, with all Muscadets it is made from 100 % Melon de bourgogne grapes. Some of them are aged on Leees and give a more minerally and complex flavour ,…This one is a more straightforward wine ,..but a great summer seafood wine nonetheless.

Oysters Photo copyright @SydneySeafood School

“It has Fresh fruit aromas and flavours of subtle citrus and white flowers and lively balance acidity and a consistent palate length.”

It is available from Dan Murphy’s stores and is a bargain priced wine at only $12.00!! Incredibly good Value!

Here is a selection of Reviews/Comments  from the ever reliable Dan Murphy Website

“Affordable treat with seafood/oysters made with 100% Melon de Bourgogne grapes.”

“I think Muscadet has always been a little underrated – but it’s a lovely fresh wine with great acidity and this one is true to style. It’s a great price for a classic french wine and it’s always gone down well at parties – and don’t tell them what a bargain price it was!”

“Affordable french white wine will match essentially oysters and most seafood .”

Am sort of a bit sad that everyone else seems to be discovering my little French Gem. A superbly dry, but fruit on the very front, kind of wine which is profoundly drinkable without being a quaffer. It demands thoughtfulness of the drinker and admiration of the maker. A lovely drop and SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone!”

“Muscadet, an exquisitely crafted legend of the western Loire Valley, almost invisible in Australia to now, unique, complementary to our winetastes. Straw yellow, flinty-firm-floral-musky…you decide. A little “saltiness” is said to reflect the Atlantic winter gales propelling salty air across the vines! Drink young or drink old? – worth debating.”

-“The wine is dry and very pleasing on the palate. It would make a good summer wine chilled but not too cold.”

“Isn’t Muscadet a French word though ? So, here goes again; a match made in heaven, shuck, don’t lose the liquor, a slurp & chew of oyster, a piece of bread, preferably with real butter (never provided in Australian restaurants ?) & a slurp of Muscadet. Takes me longer to open 2 doz but once in a rhythm we could sink 3 doz. Our French friends were intrigued by the name, we decided it must be for the love of oysters. Just wish I could buy it at the same price as in Mammoth at Thonon.Good value!”

Available from Dan Murphy




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