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Spanish Flim Festival is now in full swing! 📽🍿


¡Hola Ritenis!
After a fabulous Opening Night Fiesta at Palace Norton Street last week, the Festival is now in full swing in Sydney at Palace Central, Palace Norton Street, Palace Verona and Chauvel Cinema!

The Festival website is your best place to explore films and view session times and you can check out the full programme here. Make sure you see this year’s Goya Award-winning dramas and family films on the big screen and to help you along, we have handpicked more must-see Festival highlights below.

Plus, tickets are still available for our fascinating documentary Begin Again with Q&A coming up next week.


Explore Films
Spotlight on Goya Award Winners
Forgotten We’ll Be
El olvido que seremos
From award-winning director Fernando Trueba, this adaptation of Héctor Abad Faciolince’s memoir about his father, Colombian professor and campaigner Héctor Abad Gómez, is a tender family drama.
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Featuring stand-out performances from Blanca Portillo and Luis Tosar, this taut political drama follows Maixabel Lasa, the widow of a Basque politician assassinated by ETA, who agrees to meet her husband’s murderers in prison.
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Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea
Based on real events, this gripping drama tells the story of two Spanish lifeguards who traveled to Greece and rescued migrants during the 2015 humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Fall in Love with these Romantic Dramas
The Big Love Picture
Amor de película
A romantic comedy about first impressions and second chances, Nicolás Furtado and Natalie Pérez star as a couple who come to realise that they have fallen out of love and attempt to spark something anew.
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The Cover
El Cover
Afraid of failure as an artist, a waiter meets a pop star impersonator who introduces him to love and the struggle of anonymous artists in this feel-good drama set in Benidorm.
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Documentary Q&A
Begin Again | Tornar a començar
Concerned about climate change, cosmologist and oceanographer Anna takes part in Homeward Bound 2019, a pioneering training and empowerment programme for women that aims to create a global network of women scientists working for planetary sustainability in Begin Again.

Palace Verona 
Tuesday 5 May
6:45pm Drink on Arrival
7:00pm Film followed by Q&A
Tickets at general admission prices.

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Family Films
Encanto – in Spanish
A Spanish-language version of the beautifully animated family film, Disney’s Encanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house.

All tickets $12!

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The Kids are Alright
¡A todo tren! Destino Asturias
When a responsible father takes his son and other children to a camp in Asturias via train and the train leaves without him, a hilarious chase ensues in this entertaining family comedy directed by and starring Santiago Segura.

Family ticket bundles available!

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