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Please sign our petition and tell Scott Morrison to support blindness in the Pacific

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Dear Sydney Times Reader!

Would you stand by and let your next-door neighbour struggle – when there was a clear plan to do something about it?

Australia’s nearest neighbours are people in Pacific island nations, with Papua New Guinea just 150 kilometres from the Australian mainland. Shockingly, 40,000 of them are needlessly blind.

But we’ve got some great news to share today – if elected, the Australian Labor Party has promised to spend $32 million to tackle avoidable blindness in our region. Now we just need bipartisan support for this plan.

With a Federal election coming up, this is the perfect time to tell the Government that it’s their job to keep Fred’s work going in the Pacificplease sign our petition and tell Scott Morrison to support the plan for blindness in the Pacific.

Some say charity starts at home. We say, the Pacific is our home. Papua New Guinea is on our doorstep.

It’s not right that people so close to the lucky country also have some of the highest rates of blindness in the world. 

There is a plan to help them – by reducing the cataract backlog, training surgeons and nurses, and building new infrastructure with the Pacific Avoidable Blindness fund that Labor has committed to. SIGN OUR PETITION and call on the Government to join us in bipartisan support for the plan for blindness in the Pacific.

Fred once said “It’s obscene to let people go blind when they don’t have to.” We agree – and the plan for blindness in the Pacific matches Fred’s vision. But we need to make sure whichever party forms the next Federal Government is committed to this vision, too.

Now we’re calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to match this promise for the eye health of our Pacific neighbours.

Learn more about the full plan for blindness in the Pacific, and add your name to our petition here.

Thank you – one minute of your time could mean the gift of sight for thousands of our neighbours.

Thank you,
Ian Wishart
CEO, The Fred Hollows Foundation


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