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Pizza with a Difference at “Al Taglio” in Surry Hills

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Pizza with a Difference at “Al Taglio” in Surry Hills 


Al Taglio is a charming and authentic Italian style Pizza  restaurant located in Surry Hills,but its not to be confused with the others. For this is the home of none other then the celbrated “Pizza Professor” Enrico SGARBOSSO ,..who is acknowledged even by the Italian Wine Bible Gambero Rosso as making the best Pizza in AustraliaAl Taglio  has won a string of awards and recognition form the cognescenti,..including our own Gourmet Traveller and the SMH Food Guide . It serves gourmet and authentic regional Italian pizzas, focaccia made from age old traditions in Albion St Surry Hills,.. so if you’re a serious Foodie ,..You need to check it out!

The restaurant itself is modern minmialist,…and they serve a great range of reasonably priced Italian wines!

As mentioned it was recognized the Gamberro Rosso organization,..not surprising considering that Enrico is acknowledged as a Pizza Chef even in Italy. Interestingly he has training both in Flour Milling (He has been a flour technician for Molino Dellagiovanna and also Pizza oven technologist ),…so his recogintion is to be expected. ..

On my recent visit I was greeted by Enrico Sgarbossa himself,.. who was actually supervising a photo shoot of his Prized Pizzas with a local photographer, I got to try 4=four Pizzas from his new menu,..and they were all superbe! Enrico is super active on Social media specifically INSTAGRAM,.. and I first noticed him with his freqent  postings ,..and his tagging of our page,.. the Instagram page of SYDNEY TIMES FOOD GUIDE,..  although “he is a bit of a legend in Foodie circles”,..and I had heard about him on numerous occasions,..mainly from contracts in the Wine Trade.

Enrico’s  approach is based on being more sustainable and making use of the highest quality ingredients,specifically Italian stoneground Flour ,.which has special qualities related to Lipo proteins ,..which really make a difference to the Pizza Base…Enrico offers  a “balanced healthy pizza”.  The other Imported Italian ingredients include cured meats,such as Prosciutto ,..Salami, Formaggio  and also   flour from spelt which is gluten free, for those with dietary requirements. You can pull up a chair in the relaxed outdoor area and share a slice while you sip some Italian wine,..


AL TAGLIO is a modern italian style pizzeria and they  focus on creativity, skills and passion for pizza, Every few months they  change  the menù, with new pizza styles and new flavours. Ther dough is made with a pre-ferment ( sourdough) so it is very light and easy to digest, more healthy,,..Plus they  have  a range of sourodugh with unique taste and more healthier : 100% wholemeal sourdough Multigrain sourdough Gluten free.’

Gourmet Pizza with a Lamb Ragu Topping 

Enrico has also spend the last few years teaching other chefs how to make pizza dough, and he has been placed in lnternational pizza competitions (including Gold in Giropizza d’Europa in 2014).

As you might expect, “the flourmiller and dough maker”  is handy with a few other Italian baked goods, especially  his  soft and crisp focaccia,… As mentioned Al Taglio also offers  a small list of organic wines and beer!


Selections from the Menu,..

When we visited You could sample the following items from the menu:

Marinated Olives $5

Antipasto $10 pp

Mix of salami, cheeses, olives and homemade sourdough bread

Homemade fresh rolls : Porchetta and Provola cheers or caprese (v) $6 each


4 Fromaggi $26 Mozzarella, parmigiano, gorgonzola and pecorino cheese and truffle

Ortolana $26 Tomato, fresh mozzarella and seasonal vegetables

Tuna and Onion $26 Tomato, tuna, onion & wasabi dressing

Winter potatoes $28 Potatoe cream, fresh mozzarella & truffle sauce

Diavola $28 Tomato, fresh mozzarella, cooked salami, stir-fried leek & Japanese chilli

Hours of Operation

5:30pm – 9:30pm


12:00pm – 2:30pm




Address102-104 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


If for group bookings or there are no tables available online, please call thm on 02 8021 5944 or using the contact form below to enquire.

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Publisher and Custodian of the Sydney Times

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