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Pilot makes a forced landing on Collaroy Beach due to engine problems

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Pilot makes a forced landing on Collaroy Beach due to engine problems

 On a supremely beautiful warm and sunny Sydney day,.. with scarcely a breeze in the air,..a light aircraft came out of nowhere to land on a section of Collaroy Beach South,.. (bordering Narabeen Beach). A young couple and their Baby had a lucky escape after they were forced to land their Italian made light plane on the beach,.. in what could have been ,. as one eye witness volonteered a “catastrophe!”

Fortunately the tide was low (it is frequently very high on this part of the coastline creating serious sand dune erosion and requiring extensive beach fortifications especially near the oceanpool at  South Collaroy) and  there were no beach pedestrians in the immediate vicinity,.. when the plane glided down on to the beach.

According to eyewitness reports:”The plane just floated down from the sky and it lost altitude very quickly coming to rest on the sand”



Assemble Police,..  Fire brigade and Emergency Services staff were forced to await the arrival of representatives from the Recreational Aviation Australia who were expected to conduct an official  investigation of  the incident, before they could remove the aircraft for the beach.

Several  beach buggies were  used in order  to tow the plane off the beach but became bogged, but  later efforts were successful in removing the aircraft from the sand and away from the rising tide.

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