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Petersons Wines-Hunter Valley

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Petersons Wines-Hunter Valley

Petersons is a family-owned and operated winery, which has been growing wine for 37 years and making wines for 27 years. Nestled in the hills of Mount View in the Hunter Valley, their picturesque backdrop is stunning – and only a quick drive from the main areas of the Hunter. They have traditionally been renowned for making small parcels of exceptional quality wines, earning us the prestige of being 2001’s Champion Small Winery of Australia.

Chardonnay may have put them on the map, but they have also become renowned for their superb sticky style desserts and our luscious full-bodied reds.


They have also been able to expand into the beautiful Mudgee region in order to produce full-bodied reds from its milder climate, and also pioneered the cool climate New England region in Armidale. Despite their growing success, Petersons prides itself on tradition, family, and friendly service.

This is one of the most popular winery experiences according to social media reports.. and certainly, they do have a beautiful garden with magnificent Valley views and a charming Tasting room. If you are lucky enough to be looked after by “John the Pom” who is very knowledgeable and has many anecdotes to regale you with,.. about the history and characters of the Hunter,..including one of the pioneers of the Australian wine industry,.. founder of  Rothbury Estate,Len Evans,..and Murray Tyrrell from the famous winery of the same name. As to the wines,.. the Semillon is good as is the Chardonnay and the    Cabernet Sauvignon (pictured) is also worth trying.

Petersons Wines 

Address: 552 Mount View Rd, Mount View NSW 2325

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Mon-Sunday

Phone: (02) 4990 1704

Phone: (02) 4990 1704


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