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Perth man jailed for advocating terrorism

Perth man jailed for advocating terrorism

This is a joint media release between the Australian Federal Police, Western Australia Police Force and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

A West Australian man, 54, who advocated a terrorism act overseas was sentenced to three years and six months’ imprisonment by the WA District Court today (26 August 2022).

The man pleaded guilty earlier this month to one count of advocating terrorism by posting videos online in which he urged his audience to commit politically-motivated acts of violence in a foreign country.

The Western Australia Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) arrested and charged the man, a dual Australian and Russian citizen, in December 2020 after an investigation into the online content.

The man pleaded guilty to advocating terrorism, contrary to section 80.2C of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

The WA JCTT – comprising AFP, the WA Police Force and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation – takes seriously all individuals or groups who advocate, prepare for or carry out violence.

The WA JCTT places significant effort and resourcing into combatting these threats and keeping communities safe.

Online content advocating for terrorist acts to be carried out has the potential to reach people anywhere in the world.

AFP Counter Terrorism Investigations and Intelligence Superintendent Renee Colley said in this matter, the online content was predominantly in a foreign language.

“We would encourage everyone in the community, particularly those who speak languages other than English, to alert us to concerning conversations or online content – providing this information can help to keep us all safe,” Superintendent Colley said.

Anyone with information about extremist activity or possible threats to the community should call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

The District Court ordered the man serve a non-parole period of two years and eight months’ imprisonment.

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