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Written by Aksel Ritenis

Media Partners @ The Sydney Times 

Our guiding motto is “Not to Profit but To Serve!”

The Sydney Times prides itself on being a News and Service organization and Platform accessible to the citizens and businesses that make up Sydney and the State of NSW. As such we publish important and compelling content often without payment or Fees in order to provide service to the community and the State,.. without any reference to the profit motive so important to our competitors.

Who are our Media partners?

The Sydney Times serves the Sydney and NSW communities and consequently has an extensive and diverse range of Media partners. We share the content of important organizations starting with the  NSW Government, the Opera House the NSW State Art Gallery and this intersects with a vast range of Sydney or NSW Stakeholders who also need access to a media platform in order to channel their news and information. If your NFP organization or business makes a significant contribution to the Sydney or NSW landscape please talk to us about becoming a Media Partner,  so that We can share your information with the community and our readership. We are here to serve the community and it is part of our Mission,.

Not to profit but to serve that makes us different from other Media organizations.

Media Partners have direct and immediate access to our Platform,..and are provided special access to expedite the posting or publishing of their content.

Our User Guide will be launched in the next few days and you will find the answers to many questions you may have there.




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