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Operation Guardian delivers specialised protection for Optus customers-Watch on ST VIDEO Channel

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Operation Guardian delivers specialised protection for Optus customers-WATCH ON ST VIDEO  Channel

The AFP and state and territory police have set up Operation Guardian to supercharge the protection of more than 10,000 customers whose identification credentials have been unlawfully released online under the Optus data breach.

Customers affected by the breach will receive multi-jurisdictional and multi-layered protection from identity crime and financial fraud. The 10,000 individuals, who potentially had 100 points of identification released online, will be prioritised.

Under the AFP-led JPC3, which is a joint partnership between law enforcement, the private sector and industry to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, Operation Guardian will focus on key measures to help shield affected customers, including:

  • Identifying the 10,000 individuals across Australia now at risk of identity fraud and alerting industry to enable further protection for those members of the public,
  • Monitoring online forums, the internet and the dark web for other criminals trying to exploit the personal information released online,
  • Engaging with the financial service industry to detect criminal activity associated with the data breach,
  • Analysing trends from ReportCyber to determine whether there are links between individuals who have been exploited, and
  • To identify and disrupt cyber criminals.

The JPC3 will use collective legislative powers, experience, investigative and intelligence capabilities of all Australian policing jurisdictions.

It will also complement other agencies, including the work by the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

AFP Assistant Commissioner Cyber Command Justine Gough said while a post on an online forum advertising the stolen data for sale had been removed, other criminals may have access to some, or all, of the data.

“Australian law enforcement agencies are working together and with industry partners to actively monitor any subsequent misuse of the data,’’ Assistant Commissioner Gough said.

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