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News from Philip SHAW Vineyard and Winery in Orange

Written by Aksel Ritenis


Our Koomooloo vineyard is approaching 30 years, the vines are well established and safe to say, deep rooted by now, they have seen some different weather conditions in their lives.

The upcoming season is predicted to be warm and dry, so whilst we will hopefully be free from the pressure of disease, water will be a valuable tool for managing grape ripening and freshness.  To mitigate this, at the end of last years record harvest we watered each block for a few hours to replenish some of what we had taken and to prepare for dormancy over winter. Now that it’s spring the water applied in late April stored in the vines will benefit bud burst.
Our management of the vine canopy will also reflect the season with more shading to help protect fruit from heat and sunburn.

We have had a dry and cold winter, with several significant snowfalls however very little rain.  The vineyard has been pruned within the last month as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming season.  We were fortunate to receive a few good downpours, totalling 42ml, in the first weeks of September which were a welcome relief as it has helped to recharge the soils.  As the weather becomes warmer we are beginning to see the starts of spring in the vineyard with new growth and a revival of activity. 

In the winery we hear the fizz and pop of bungs, a telling sign that the wines are awake from their winter slumber and are ticking through their spring malolactic fermentation.  We have just bottled out 2018 No19 Sauvignon Blanc which has benefited from maturation in the cellar developing savoury interest and complexity.  Spring is also the time for us to give some love to the 2018 reds; racking and returning all the Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon parcels as they finish their malolactic fermentation. 

The winery will become a hive of activity in the next few months as we lead up to the 2019 harvest.  We will be preparing to bottle the 2018 No11 Chardonnay and Architect Chardonnay as well as the 2018 No8 Pinot Noir and Wire Walker Pinot Noir. 

– Nadja Wallington, Winemaker – Steve Vella, Vineyard Manager

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