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Newest cosmetic craze: Bioremodelling Injections MUST-KNOWS

Newest cosmetic craze: Bioremodelling Injections MUST-KNOWS


Bioremodelling Injections have only recently (August 2022) been approved for use in Australia; but the treatment has been used in the UK and Europe since 2015.


Contour Clinics – with locations across Sydney and interstate – is at the forefront of the new treatment.



Well-known celebrity cosmetic doctor and Medical Director of Contour Clinics, Dr Josh Wall, explains the must-knows of Bioremodelling Injections.



So what are Bioremodelling Injections?


Bioremodelling Injections are the latest hyaluronic acid anti-ageing treatment to promote the remodelling of ageing and sagging skin tissue and improves skin quality and skin firmness.


What are the vital must-knows of the treatment?


– It’s quick and has no downtime. You can do this treatment any time, any day, and not have to worry about days of recovery.


– There will be five injection points on each side of the face. The Bioremodeller product then spreads from these points to achieve full-face coverage.


– It’s the highest concentration of stabilised hyaluronic acid available on the market within cosmetic medicine.

Collagen and elastin are triggered into production, and hydration gets a major boost.


– Skin tone, texture, laxity, hydration, and the appearance of fine lines are all visibly improved, resulting in brightened, tightened and younger-looking skin.


– It works well in conjunction with other treatments. You can do this at the same time as your anti-wrinkle or fillers.


– You’ll notice the effects even after your first treatment but usually 2 or 3 treatment sessions will get you the best results. We’ll space these sessions about 4 weeks apart, so overall, expect to see maximal results in about 2-3 months.

Who should consider using Bioremodelling Injections?


This is an ideal treatment option for people wanting to improve their skin; its condition, appearance, and also how it’s showing signs of ageing.  It is broadly suitable for most people, its results are so natural looking, and it’s not altering the patient’s natural structure in any way.


Improvement in skin laxity may naturally cause a slight lifting effect, which will be subtle. We’d recommend it to anyone who is already coming to us for anti-wrinkle or fillers, as they are seeing the earlier signs of ageing, and we’d also suggest this to our younger patients as a fantastic treatment for strengthening the skin by increasing its collagen, elastic and hydration levels.


What’s the recovery time?


Right after the treatment you may notice some bruising and swelling at the injection points. Most patients find this commonly affects the neck area in particular. It’s very minor, it’s not painful and it goes away quickly. By the next day you’ll have zero signs of any injectable treatment having occurred.


What’s your professional opinion of the new treatment and your insights following its use overseas?


This is an excellent treatment that I rate highly for its efficacy and broad suitability. It gives results quickly without patients looking puffy or ‘done’. The effects are incredibly natural looking, because the bioremodeller is prompting collagen production and causes the skin to do its own healing and rejuvenation. From our colleagues overseas, we learn that bioremodeller is not only used for the face but also for the neck and even body, with great success. This off-label use has now become common for areas such as the décolletage, arms, above knees, hands – you name it. We will absolutely be following suit here for our Australian patients. There is even research into the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis using bioremodelling injections.


An important point to consider regarding its use overseas is that, in the UK and Europe, results have now been seen for as long as five years; it may be new to Australia but it’s certainly no mystery in terms of efficacy and long-term success. Learning from patient cases overseas, we already know that the positive effects of bioremodeller can continue to improve over many months or even years.


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As the Medical Director of Contour Clinics located across Australia, Dr Josh Wall fosters a culture of education and continued professional development.


As a key opinion leader, Dr Josh Wall is a head national trainer for one of the world’s leading cosmetic injectable education courses Derma-medical, a key opinion leader and global advisory board member for the world’s largest laser distributor Cynosure, a key opinion leader for MINT threads, one of the world’s premier Thread-lifting companies and Faculty member at Allergan.


Dr Josh Wall graduated top of his medical school class from the University of Wollongong with a high distinction average, winning prizes in Women’s Health, Psychiatry, Surgery, Paediatrics and Anatomy.


He excels in all forms of non-surgical cosmetic medicine including: cosmetic injectables, advanced dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts, thread-lifting, body sculpting, intimate area rejuvenations, penis enlargements, and laser to treat all forms of skin complaints.


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