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Much needs to be done before lock out laws are repealed to make sure we get Sydney’s Night Right

Written by City Reporter

“Much needs to be done before lockout laws are repealed to make sure we get Sydney’s Night Right”

The Sydney Business Chamber says Premier Berejiklian’s announcement of January 14 next year to repeal the CBD lock-out laws should trigger all stakeholders, including Transport for NSW and the City of Sydney into action to get their plans ready to ensure a smooth and successful revitalised night-time economy.

“It’s great news that we finally have the date set, albeit now post-Christmas and New Year, but at least it should ensure there’s time for all parties involved to plan this thoroughly in order to make it a positive and safe revitalisation of Sydney’s long neglected night life,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“In the Government’s response, it endorsed looking into running public transport later at night and this needs to happen by January 14, following Melbourne’s lead with their successful 24 hour Friday and Saturday night public transport. With an estimated 200,000 plus people working between 7pm and 7am across Sydney, these workers also deserve access to late night transport, and places to eat and shop late into the night. They are part of the night time economy along with tourists.”

“This is where Government and Councils across the city need to collaborate effectively to introduce a program of relaxed retail and food trading hours, street dining, artistic and music activities to run across Sydney, not just in the CBD.”

“The lock out laws have negatively impacted business activity, jobs and Sydney’s attractiveness as a major national and international tourist destination. The repealing of the laws in January is the first step in creating a vibrant night life that’s also safe. The two aren’t mutually exclusive – as we’ve seen in other global cities.”

The Sydney Business Chamber has continually advocated on revitalising Sydney’s Night Time Economy, recommending strong and simultaneous action in four distinct areas:

  1.   Improving Sydney’s late-night transport – multi modal and 24 hours on weekends to start with
  2.   Diversifying nighttime activity – both geographically and for a wide demographic patronage

       III.     Boosting community policing; and

  1.         Introducing new restrictions on violent offenders

“As the Premier stated today, Sydney has changed a lot since 2014 and it’s time to embrace a revitalised 24 hour economy in keeping with our place as a truly global city,commented Katherine O’Regan,”

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