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Mission Statement – The Sydney Times (ST) 

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Mission Statement for  the Sydney Times (ST) 

“Our Vision is  to  To Be the Best and most honest and transparent News Media Company in Sydney and NSW-with no hidden agendas!” 

Our Mission 

-To provide the best content and product that is relevant, compelling and attractive to readers and business partners. 

-To be profitable and to maximize shareholders’ returns. 

-To attract and retain the best employees with rewarding careers in a positive and supportive working environment. 

-To continue to be a caring and responsible corporate citizen. 

-As Executive Director, and Custodian of the Brand,Axel Ritenis has responsibility for the overall operations of ST media news and editorial functions until he is replaced by a dedicated and highly professional Team. He will provide strategic direction and oversight of Smedia and news operations, and will focus on optimizing the Group’s news resources in line with the business transformation efforts of ST.  

In a post-truth world, thoughtful, intelligent and well-researched analysis has never been more necessary. We provide this at the ST.  

Edited by Axel Ritenis and produced by a team in Sydney, the ST aims to help you make sense of the news through providing a reliable platform for news and media releases.

“We offer free access to the exchange of ideas, rather than echo chamber of prejudice and vested interests.” 

ST has no ideological agenda, and we are not covertly pushing any political or philosophical way of thinking. Our aim is simply to preserve the integrity of the free press in NSW by embracing nuance and complexity – and showing the world in all its shades of grey. 

To read the ST is to see a story from every angle. Our social mission is caring for our community. 

We are passionate about doing things in an ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable way, across all our operations.   

The Business 

The ST is built on trust, truth, and transparency. We are funded through advertising, donations and the subscription model.  


-We check our facts and expect our professional and citizen journalists and contributors to do the same. 

Everything we publish is professionally edited by human beings, not robots, so advertisers can be certain that their products will be presented in a responsible context. 

-We reward our contributors fairly, never misuse our readers’ data, and answer to independent trustees. 

For everyone in search of open-minded, independent journalism, the ST is the genuine article!

About the author

Aksel Ritenis

Publisher and Custodian of the Sydney Times

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