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Happy Chinese Lunar new year from the Publisher of the Sydney Times

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Written by Aksel Ritenis

Happy Chinese Lunar new year from the Publisher of the Sydney Times 

Dear Reader!

Thanks for visiting the Sydney Times site ( and We hope that you found something useful or entertaining on our Digital News and Lifestyle Platform!

“last year 2022was a tough year,.. and as much of our limited resources go into sharing and aggregating important News from various levels of the government in New South wales and major Stakeholders that keep this great city of Sydney and our State going forward in spite of all the continuing problems associated with COVID.”

As a Luna New year Gesture and to enhance your Reading Experience –We will  reduce the Google Ads Load on our site -up until the end of Pride month  in march , order to provide you with a better Reader experience and speed up the site.

Unfortunately Advertising and Publicity are an essential part of the Publishing landscape and whilst many of the GoogleAds   or Taboola Branded content articles are irritating  for  many readers ,.we can see from the Click on Google Ads ,..that they can also be quite useful as they are tailored for our audience demographics.

However in order to enhance the Sydney Times Holiday Reading experience

We will release around 100 Lifestyle Articles & Reviews” comprising Wine Reviews, Restaurant and Cafe Reviews and Lifestyle information with a Focus on the Holiday Season, please stick with us as an important alternative to the Mainstream Media .

It has been another momentous year for the Sydney Times, with over 2,500 articles and news items posted , not to mention dozens of Media Releases and important information from such the Arts and Culture sector and many other community sectors aggregated  on the platform. We have further developed our dynamic and growing local and overseas community of readers without actually implementing our Planned Memberships scheme which is now on hold until march 2023 .

Access to the Sydney Times will continue completely Free of charge until early March  2023 when we will progressively introduce a user friendly paywall to ensure to enhance security and ensure that the traffic on our site is comprised of genuine readers and not Bots,Hackers and other “lowlife” Media agents interested in stealing ideas and content .

DONATE by paypal or credit card (see below)

Will you help with a Donation to Finance a socially useful  Independent Media Platform and  keep “the independent and slightly disruptive” Sydney Times digital platform alive !?

It is for this reason that we will have to enforce e-mail registration as our site becomes increasingly popular,.. in the interests of everybody’s security. Unfortunately, the Australian people have witnessed this year ,..the Cyberworld is now full of malicious state and private sector actors both at home and abroad,.. who are only too willing to hack a site or cause damage for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately,.. they currently do this with impunity,..but things are about to change-Watch this space!  Cyberhackers in Singapore are being punished with lengthy prison terms and the Cane!

HYPERLOCAL Sydney News & Views  and Entertainment News from TABOOLA

It has  been our pleasure to bring to you the essential HYPERLOCAL News and Views  and Entertainment News from TABOOLA during the course of 2022. It has been a difficult and momentous Year and our Google Analytics shows that we have now reached over a Million clicks and many more impressions, in 2023 it is time to get serious “by recruiting new Writers Journalists and Bloggers/Influencers  who want to join our Community and enrich Your reading Experience next Year.

E-Commerce and Events Plans 2023

As the Custodian of the Sydney Times I am currently engaged in discussions with future Sydney Stakeholders and Investors anxious to take this project to the next level,..with a significant E-Commerce site set to start operating on the ST Platform next year so if you are an Investor or Business interested in promoting your Lifestyle products on the Sydney Times ,..please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Interns  & Ethical  Journalists to be recruited

Interns ,..or experienced journalist disillusioned with  working for the Mainstream  and looking to join a transparent News and Lifestyle organization where they can act and perform in accordance with their moral compass can also contact me. as the Custodian of the Sydney Times Media Platform I am currently researching the business law and talking to lawyers to see if we can recruit Journalists and develop a Staff Equity Scheme give them a equity in the Sydney Times Media Company.

Thank You for your Support and understanding

Your trust and support of our hard work has been much appreciated and we look forward to welcoming a new Team of ST Members/subscribers as well as new Journalists Bloggers and Correspondents next year in order to take the project to the next Level

As previously mentioned .as a Christmas Gesture to enhance your Reading Experience We have reduced the Google Ads Load and post 100 New  Interesting and useful articles and Reviews during January,..  to enhance your experience and enrich your Sydney knowledge base.


If you find some useful information in one of our Lifestyle categories (e.g. How to save money on Wine Purchases),.. that you find useful and you consider to be Premium Content please consider making a Donation w=s that we can maintain our sit enhance our securoty and improve our reader expereince next year.

Please consider making a Donation or becoming  a Contributor or Member next Year as we introduce our memberships system, in the New Year

DONATE by paypal or credit card (see below)

Wishing you and yours a replenishing, happy and loving break. Looking forward to seeing you in 2023

Happy Lunar New Year to all our Readers  in Sydney,.. New South Wales &  Overseas.

Axel Ritenis

Custodian and Publisher

Sydney Times Media Pty.Ltd owner of the Sydney Times Trademark.



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