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Melbourne’s Most Trusted Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Services.
“In these difficult and anxiety inducing Covid Pandemic times,. many people are facing major serious challenges in their personal lives brought about by the loss of income, business collapse or crisis due to collapsing personal relationships…or extreme work-related stress”

If this is you,..and you are suffering extreme anxiety and depression,..I would be pleased to assist you! 

Experience Hypnotherapy to Regain Control Over Your Life

Whether you are seeking a hypnotherapist in Melbourne to help  clear anxiety, heal from narcissistic abuse or even weight loss you need to be confident and relaxed in the hypnotherapist specialist that you have chosed. Energy Healing Melbourne provides a professional, friendly, and customised service that delivers optimal peace of mind before, during, and after your hypnotherapy sessions.

Astrid has already supported many people just like your self and has become one of the most trusted hypnotherapists in Melbourne. When undergoing hypnosis and spiritual healing, you will;
From getting to the core of your challenges to getting your mind, body, and heart health back to where they belong, my hypnotherapy services based here in Melbourne can deliver progressive results from the very first session.


18 years of experience

If you’re looking for a life-changing treatment, Astrid Ritenis is a (female) fully qualified Melbourne based hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Here at Energy Healing Melbourne, Astrid practices clinical hypnotherapy and other holistic treatments such as energy healing that will help unlock the full potential of yourself to deliver an extensive range of immediate and long-term benefits.

Welcome to Energy Healing Melbourne, where I can help you transform your life through either Clinical Hypnosis or Energy Therapy. I use these powerful life changing methods to treat a range of medical and psychological conditions.


Through Hypnosis and Energy Therapy I can treat:
On a personal level, I can help you with:

Astrid Ritenis / Energy Healing Melbourne ALSO treats interstate and overseas Patients via Zoom

Room 2, Level 1 / 285 Victoria St, West Melbourne Vic 3003

Energy Healing Melbourne also services areas such:

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