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Meet Sydney’s Newest Experience: A Smash Room

Meet Sydney’s Newest Experience: A Smash Room

Ever heard of a smash room before?

Let us introduce you to Sydney’s newest and viral experience, Smash Room City.

Located in Homebush West, Smash Room City is your place to release stress, enjoy a unique date night activity, or have a fun time with friends!

You’ll be breaking ceramic plates, glasses and even TVs!

Pick your weapon of destruction, ranging from a baseball bat or sledgehammer.

All protective gear is supplied, including overalls, boots, helmets, and neck scarves.

Sessions at Smash Room City are 30-minutes and start at $60 per person, with prices reduced for group bookings.


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The Full Info about Smash Room City :

– Smash Room City is Sydney’s newest rage arena where you get to let loose and break old TV’s, glasses and ceramics with your friends or special someone.
– Smash Room City was started by 21-year-old Ben Horwitz, who opened his location in Homebush West.

– Only smash room in Sydney that allows group bookings and 13-17-year-olds to break a TV with a guardian present.
– Seen multiple companies enjoy the experience as a team bonding event.

– 30-minute session.

– Pricing starts from $60.

– Pick your own rage music.

– All safety gear is provided (helmets, gloves, boots, overalls).

– Open Thursday to Sunday.

 Endorsements from Google Reviews

Google review by Sada: “Had an amazing experience relieving some stress at Smash Room City in Homebush west. The boys were very welcoming. respectful and professional. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to have fun and let go of some of the many stresses we carry around with us. The ‘letting go plates’ was my favourite part. We wrote down any negative thoughts or emotions on a plate and smashed it all up, physically and emotionally leaving them behind. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, this unique and fun experience is a must try.”

Google review By  Odin: “Had a lot of fun here! The team were friendly and it was a unique experience to let out some stress.” From Kiri: “Went here with my friend today – the fellas were super friendly and helpful and smashing things helped me find some aggression, which helps a lot with my inherent passiveness!!”

You can book via the website here:

a month ago
The guys running it are super nice but unfortunately this smash room was not up to scratch at all. Severely overpriced and lasted a mere 10 mins of the given half hour. The music played wasn’t great at all and neither was it allowed to play very loud due to the shop being in a business park. No area to get changed – just dress and undress in your safety gear in the middle of the shop in front of everyone. Very bland and boring without any lights or anything to get you hyped up and ready to smash. Not the best experience unfortunately. These owners need to try and make this more interesting

Address:   Unit D4/161 Arthur Street, Homebush West NSW 2140

Great place to go in Sydney if you want find some inner aggression. You can smash plates, mugs and even TV’S without getting judged or arrested. This is great for mental health and is so much fun!
Visited yesterday… I have ptsd and found the smash room to be rather therapeutic for me.
However was disappointed that there wasn’t much to smash and we finished rather quickly.
I expected a bit more to damage but unfortunately wasn’t the case.
Guess I have too much rage in me lol. I’ll be back!
For corporate event planners – avoid this place for team events or work gatherings. Very unprofessional handling of business operations. Was about to enquire and book for our corporate Christmas event, but was warned after a different team in our firm got their event cancelled to accomodate a bigger booking group despite confirmations.


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Time Out says

Smash TVs with a sledgehammer in this new rage room

For all the ragers out there who wish they could break all their kitchenware just for the sweet momentary release of it (but hold themselves back because of, you know, rising plate prices/ seriously alarming the neighbours), your day has finally arrived. Enter: Smash Room City, Sydney’s newest chamber of destruction where you get to (with a sledgehammer, no less) smash all the TVs, glassware and ceramics that your angry little heart desires, with the best bit being that nobody (probably) will call the police.

This healthy coping mechanism is the brainchild of 21-year-old Ben Horwitz, who has recently launched this brand-new establishment in Homebush West for all those who feel that they are in need of blowing off a little (or a lot) of steam. Describing themselves as the only smash room in Sydney that allows group bookings, and allowing 13-17 year-olds to smash away with a guardian present, Smash Room City is an excellent alternative date, group hang or rainy-day activity for the reckless.

A maximum of four people are allowed in a room together at any given time, with you getting fitted out in protective safety gear (including a helmet, boots, overalls and glasses) before heading in. You are also allowed to pick whatever rage tunes you want to play over the speakers during your 30-minute session, with you also getting the chance to get involved with Smash Room City’s legendary ‘letting go plate’ where you are told to write down all your negative thoughts, feelings and recent stresses onto a plate that you then, in dramatic fashion, throw against the wall, effectively shattering all the little things weighing you down into tiny, ceramic pieces. Who needs therapy?

A 30-minute sesh costs $60 per person, with prices reduced for group bookings. They are open on Arthur Street in Homebush West from Thursday to Sunday, and you can book yourself in right here.

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