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Half of all NSW households will receive no energy bill relief for seven years under Labor’s plan to dump the Liberal and Nationals Government’s $250 rebate, and only give it to some households who are already eligible for the Energy Bill Buster Program.

A re-elected Liberal and Nationals Government will provide every household in NSW with $250 off their energy bills from 1 July simply for looking for a better deal that can help unlock further savings of up to $400 off their bills. The Labor plan will see around 1.5 million households get nothing.

As part of the agreement with the Albanese Government to impose a coal cap in NSW, the Commonwealth agreed to match NSW’s energy rebates.

The rebates to match NSW’s could be up to $535 per person from the Commonwealth depending on what rebates they are eligible for, giving low income earners up to $1070 in energy bill relief.

The Albanese Government also agreed that a portion of the promised bill relief would support small businesses. The NSW Liberal and Nationals will ensure NSW small businesses get their fair share.

Treasurer and Minister for Energy Matt Kean said Opposition Leader Chris Minns would leave most people in NSW without help during an economically challenging time of higher inflation and interest rates.

“Our $500 million Energy Bill Saver program will provide an immediate $250 in savings for every household, while helping them potentially save up to $400 more by switching to a cheaper plan,” Mr Kean said.

“This type of cost of living support is only possible because of the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s strong economic management. Chris Minns today confirmed the vast majority of residents won’t see any energy bill relief for six or seven years if Labor wins.”

“Labor will scrap our plan to slash $250 off millions of household energy bills. Instead they are only copying half of our plan as the rebate only applies to households receiving income support, pensioners, Seniors Health Card holders and Family Tax Benefit recipients.

“The only way to get $250 off your energy bill is to vote Liberal and Nationals – you lose under Labor.”

In recent weeks, Chris Minns has criticised the Liberal and Nationals’ policy as “a website cash splash”. He said it was “not a long-term fix” and was a “one-off payment, just for one 12-month period”.

By his own admission, Chris Minns’ proposed government-owned energy bureaucracy won’t deliver households any savings for up to seven years.

Mr Kean said the NSW Liberal and Nationals expect the Commonwealth not to make NSW residents wait any longer for their promised rebates.

“Federal Labor lied to the people of NSW and has made them wait for energy bill relief they promised last year. They are playing politics with families and small businesses that are suffering through a cost of living crisis, all to help their NSW Labor mates,” Mr Kean said.

“It just proves Labor can’t be trusted to honour a deal and they can’t be trusted to keep their promises.”

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