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KAZZI Greek Restaurant -Balmoral Beach

Written by Aksel Ritenis

KAZZI Greek Restaurant -Balmoral Beach

“Kazzi’s  Beach Greek is an exciting café eatery in one of Sydney’s most prestigious harbour-side locations, Balmoral Beach, Mosman. Kazzi Beach Greek draws its inspiration from the Greek island of Kastellorizo (“Kazzi”).”

I reckon I am highly qualified to write a review about this fabulous BEACH GREEK, I actually watched its development in situ,..,..and I have also spent enough time on the Greek Islands to recognize excellence in Greek Cuisine. In addition I am a bit of a “de facto” Balmoral Local,……who has been frequenting this part of the world for the best part of  30 years,..(I actually lived around the corner for some time).. but sadly, yet to acquire a 6 million dollar mansion with panoramic Harbour views over to the Sydney Heads! Suffice to say,.. as a regular down here,…I have been watching the action and developments on Balmoral Beach for the best part of 40 years… and I can’t speak highly enough of KAZZI which has been here for at least 3 years!


My own history at Balmoral Beach started in the 70’s when as a 16-year-old schoolboy I actually did a stint as a Kitchenhand in the legendary Micsha’s Seafood Restaurant (which later changed hands under the control of Stephanie Alexander,..and was remodelled to become The Bathers Pavilion as it still is today)

Interestingly the charming but Big,.Fat and Bearded Mischa who was the restaurant proprietor in the days of Mischa,..  used to sit in a prominent corner of the restaurant and greet all his clients, the consummate Maitre De that he was,.. before taking their money with his exorbitant wine prices and slightly outdated Menu.

Interestingly enough, the kitchen was run by a Team of Greek Kitchen staff and Chefs ,…this connection between Greeks and Seafood in Sydney still remains today with many of the  prominent Purveyors of Seafood in Sydney (not to mention Restaurateurs) retaining  their Greek roots and heritage, witness  Costi’s, Nicholas,etc.,

Sadly my Hospitality career was cut short, I   think I only lasted 3 hours in this job, “after cleaning some smelly iodine Fish, Octopus and Calamari” the slightly dilapidated kitchen at Mischa’s,..with a couple of Greek Cooks commandeering me,…I realized I wasn’t going to swallow my pride,.. and I decamped this place tout de suite!

Returning to Kazi’s Greek, however,..I would have to say this is one of the memorable  Greek food experiences on offer in Sydney and offers a fantastic atmosphere,.. my other favorites such as Appollo in Macleay St and Xenos in Crows Nest,..also serve fabulous food,..but they lack the aquamarine environment and the noisy Greek Music and slightly exuberant and energetic atmosphere that is on display at Kazzi’s,.

The restaurant internal set-up is on the small side but very stylish and tasteful,..and the outdoor terrace reminiscent of a Greek island beachfront is excellent and clearly there was a huge amount of thought and attention invested in the fine details. (Check out the High Tech Spit Roasting apparatus in the Kitchen.)The owner of this establishment is Mosman local,…Peter Papas,..a Merchant Banker by profession,.. who clearly has an obsessive attention to detail! I  met Peter several years ago  before he developed Kazzi’s and we exchanged some wine and restaurant experiences whilst I driving an UBER Black some years ago, You can’t say I don’t have my finger on the gastronomic pulse!?


Halloumi with Pomegranate


Of course ,I have visited this place on numerous occasions,..and We generally put ourselves in the hands of the energetic and helpful staff,..including the exuberant  waitress Jennifer or the restaurant manager …Valentino,.. who offer professional hospitality and will recommend the best Dishes on the Menu and organize the right sequence.,.Incidentally this place also has a BYO license so You can bring your own wine and pay a reasonable corkage!

The last time dined here in a family group the staff brought some delicious Octopus and a  Plate of Mixed Grilled Meats (predominantly Pork),..but I have also had outstanding Marinated Lamb and Greek salad. The food servings are generous without being over the top,..and just the right amount of spices accenting the flavours. The fresh flavorsome greek salads invariably contain sweet ripe tomatoes, Herbs, and Feta cheese and dressing and a side of warm perfectly baked Pitta bread. You could not ask for more authentic and flavoursome Greek food.

Tomatoes with Feta Onion and fried capers

Did I forget to mention the unusual Tomato Salad with the fried capers,..pictured above is worth trying! 

You can finish your meal with some delicious Greek Desserts and I recently tried some delicious fried Pitta Bread flavoured

As one Trip Advisor member wrote“The food here is exceptional- With BYO wine, charming Greek waiters and a view across to the beach,…What more could you want?.

In summary Kazzi’s Beach Greek is a great location if you need good refreshing simple food presented in a friendly atmosphere and a happy atmosphere. The loud Greek Music helps create the atmospherics,…

Mixed Grilled Meat with Pitta Bread, Fries and Greek Salad

For a bit of history and context, can check the well-curated website,..Kazzi “Beach Greek” draws its inspiration from the Greek island of Kastellorizo (“Kazzi”). The Island’s Australian links are significant with many among Australia’s first Greek immigrants hailing from this secluded Hellenic hideaway. The last ‘rock’ in the Dodecanese island group has a rich history of traditional Greek fare. Kazzi Beach Greek is the very kind of street style Mediterranean offerings found along the blue shores of the Aegean.


Golden Pitta Bread covered in Honey and Cinnamon, Icing and Pistachios served with vanilla icecream

The last ‘rock’ in the Dodecanese island group has a rich history of traditional Greek fare. ‘Beach Greek’ is the very kind of street style Mediterranean offerings found along the blue shores of the Aegean and draws specifically on the founder’s ancestral heritage from the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

“The restaurant puts an emphasis on simple dishes rich in the Mediterranean style diet based upon the freshest of produce, healthy style cooking,and  of course Kazzi inspired marinades, herbs, and spices. Once you enjoy the delights of Kazzi Beach Greek you will become a ‘Kazzi’ as is traditional of the welcoming nature of our Greek island origins.”


The Happy and enthusiastic Staff at Kazzi

Kazzi Beach Greek offers simple dishes rich in the Mediterranean style diet based upon the freshest produce, traditional style cooking, & Kazzi inspired marinades, herbs, and spices. The diet is rich in lean meats, seafood, and salads. Everything is made in house ensuring the most authentic Greek island food experience.

Kazzi Beach Greek offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Takeaway is also a large component of their offering. Balmoral Beachgoers can enjoy true ‘Beach Greek’ food on the white sands and beachside reserves of Balmoral Beach, or in the comfort of their own home.


They offer an authentic Greek experience that is not to be missed and are open 7 days a week. Please check our seasonal opening hours.

Book Online or call on (02) 9968 1771 to reserve a table.

Kazzi’s provide takeaway delivery via their partners at Uber Eats. and takeaway for pickup with OrderUp.

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