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It’s been an honour-Kevin Rudd relinquishes Chair of “Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission”

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It’s been an honour-Kevin Rudd relinquishes “Chair of Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission”

Dear Reader

As you may have heard, tomorrow I will be returning to the Australian Public Service to serve as the new Ambassador to the US. Sadly this means today was also my last as chair of Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission.

It has been my great honour to serve as founding chair, bringing together citizens across Australia who share our conviction that our nation’s democratic future depends on making policy changes to encourage a stronger, freer and less concentrated news media.

I am immensely pleased with the appointment of my successor, who you will hear from this week. Together you will be a formidable team, and it is reassuring to know the campaign will be well led in its next phase.

The most important campaigns are never won easily. AFMRC grew out of a record-breaking petition, secured senate committee endorsement after a year-long inquiry, and its policy objective continues to gain traction.

I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve started to build together. I’ve been honoured to get to know so many committed and community-minded Australians through AFMRC.

I look forward to seeing all that you achieve together from the outside.

Go well,

Kevin Rudd

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