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ISK-Best Value Authentic Italian in Sydney!?

Written by Aksel Ritenis


“Italian Street Kitchen(ISK)”-Best Value Authentic Italian in Sydney!

In case you are wondering what ISK stands for,….it stands for Italian Street Kitchen and it offers great and authentic Italian food at a moderate price. I have been frequenting their Neutral Bay site for around 3 years and am usually amazed at the quality-price ratio!

Italian Street Kitchen raises the bar at the budget end of the  Italian Dining scene in Australia as you feel transported to Italy!

Nestled in Neutral Bay’s dining district on Grosvenor street (near the Oaks Hotel) Italian Street Kitchen (or ISK, as known by its locals)provides diners with a comfortable, casual atmosphere.

It has to be seen,..this place is always buzzing and friendly professional service,..because its basically an “in and out place” there is  No table service but easy to order at the counter – self filled sparkling water and no corkage charge for BYO!

Amazing indeed!

According to ISK’s publicity they  “pay homage to their Italian roots and heritage in their menu, and bring the joy of Italian home cooking to their restaurants around Australia.

The style of the restaurant is  “vibrant and relaxed”, and their menu is full of “flavorsome dishes that warm the heart and feed the soul.” one you experience this place you go back for one of the wood-fired pizzas,(Yes they have a wood-fired Pizza Oven visible to all dinners through a glass screen,)and it really is Traditional-style pizza with a thin crust and lots of flavors.(but amazingly costs around $17 or 18, about $10 cheaper than the going price!.,.. or indulge in a homemade pasta! They also offer Roast meat dishes including lamb and beef but I generally opt for the oven-roasted pork belly ($19.50) is a Roman delight. meat dish with a side of Raddichio and Pear salad-which is an outstanding value,

And don’t forget the dessert, .although I was not that impressed with the small cups of coffee they serve,.However their excellent Italian wine from the Tap or Bottle really makes up for that,..a great Pinot Grigio or a Sangiovese Red wine served up in a stemless type glass that is perfectly adequate.

For pasta, you can choose between the gnocchi, oven-baked and creamy, or the rigatoni amatriciana with pork cheek and a hint of chili ($16.50), or go classic with spaghetti and meatballs ($16.50) although I generally go for the Marinara which is also good value for money and I enjoy with the Pinot Grigio.



You can bring the entire family along to this  Italian restaurant in Neutral and therein lies one of the problems with this venue,..,..this place is packed with Private school kids and their mothers too lazy to cook,..taking advantage of this immediately after 5 pm,..who all recognize the great food and value of this place,..which is why I only go for Lunch,… We’d love to celebrate with you and see you create special memories with us.


For pasta, you might choose the gnocchi, oven-baked and creamy ($16), the rigatoni amatriciana with pork cheek, and a hint of chili ($16.50), or go classic with spaghetti and meatballs ($16.50). Pizza could be the buffalo Margherita ($15.50) or the Funghi — with three kinds of cheese and meaty Swiss brown mushrooms ($16) — among others. Once you’ve decided, take note of your table number and head up to the counter to order. Wondering if you’ve over (or under) ordered? No problems — the staff are only too happy to advise, and, hey, you can always come back for more. On the way back to your table be sure to stop off and refill your complimentary sparkling water at the self-serve station.

Pizza Funghi (Mozzarella, mushrooms, Gorgonzola, Parmesan & Fresh Parsley)

In what seems like a very short wait,.., hot dishes of pasta and thin, crisp pizza — cooked to perfection arrive at the table,…service is smooth and no fuss,…

The publicity blurbs state that  “Italian Street Kitchen captures the modern vibrancy of casual Roman dining in partnership with the traditional simplicity of Italian cuisine. The ingredients are fresh and of good quality. To that end, the pizza dough is made on-site and let rise for 48 hours, the pasta is made daily and air-dried”,..It appears that the sauces are also made on-premise,..

No question that the food is excellent,..and this is a great place for a quick family dinner or a quick catch up over meals.

Go To Dishes :

Try the Ricotta and spinach ravioli in a butter and sage sauce, Pizza Funghi (Mozzarella, mushrooms, Gorgonzola, Parmesan & Fresh Parsley)




5/19-21 Grosvenor St
Neutral Bay, 2089



Checkout when you can visit ISK!

Sun– Thurs
12pm – 4pm
5pm – 9pm
Friday– Saturday 
12pm – 4pm
5pm – 9pm

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