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How to Post an Event on “ST EVENTS CALENDAR”  

Written by Aksel Ritenis

How to Post an Event on “ST EVENTS CALENDAR”

*Warning The ST Events Calendar  is not yet operational  due to Developers testing and linking payment gateways-We hope to have it working and fully functional shortly. 

Post your event on the EVENTS CALENDAR of the SYDNEY TIMES! 


Post your upcoming event with images on this site to reach thousands of Sydneysiders and visitors to Sydney, PLUS…by paying a small admin fee you can publicise your event via email to our subscriber base, or have your event broadcast on social media platforms such as Facebook, targeting your demographic – to make your event a resounding success! 

Your event will also gain an important SEO ranking on Google  

If it is urgent, you can pay a $40.00 admin fee for each announcement  

You can use the PayPal Buttons on our site to action this and then post your event. 

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Broadcasting and sharing your event to the Sydney Times Community-post COVID! 

Sydney Times would be pleased to boost the profile of your event, business, product, and everything in between! 

Broadcasting your news is vital to our community’s success. Our entire team can easily assist you to manage your posting the ST- The Events Calendar, which is restarting with the current termination of Sydney-based Covid-19 Lockdown measures and regime!

We hope this becomes one of the most frequently visited pages on our site!  

Showcase your events in style, with this reliable and well-designed calendar. Create an events calendar and manage it with ease. Our Events Calendar Interface provides professional-level quality and features backed by the ST team – one you can trust.  

Packed with loads of useful features, ST-The Events Calendar is ready to go, it’s easy to use, extensible and can be completely customized 

ST- The Events Calendar has the functionality to include:  

Recurring events and submitted events.  

Whether your vision is big or small, you’re in good company.

Hundreds of social organizations and churches, bars, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, small businesses, musicians, venues, and non-profit organizations are publishing and promoting their events on ST- The Events Calendar.  


Whether you are operating a hyperlocal hub listing events, a University with many thousands of users, or you’re a sole business owner listing your classes,  The Events Calendar has your back.  

  • Create events rapidly  
  • Save venues & organizers  
  • View by calendar month, with tooltips  
  • View by Events List  
  • Day view  
  • Event search  
  • Google Maps  
  • Widget: Upcoming Events list  
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)  
  • Google Calendar  


Completely responsive, from mobile to tablet to desktop  

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Welcome to ST- The Events Calendar, our comprehensive events management system. 

Of course, events have specific bits of information associated with them that most pages and posts don’t require – start and end dates, for instancenot to mention venues and organizers.  

Fields to set for all of these things can be found below the description editor, in an area called the events meta box.  

If this is your first time using ST: The Events Calendar, you’ll see this list of fields for creating your first event venue. 

If you’ve created a venue for a previous event, you’ll have the option to select this existing venue from a drop-down menu (you may also type into the search box to narrow your options).  

Entering a new venue name and selecting the Create option from the menu option includes:  

  • Time-specific or all-day events  
  • Location/venue information  
  • Multiple days and times for one single event  
  • Google Maps integration  

And you can, obviously, display these events in the calendar.  

ST- The Events Calendar offers you more ways to display your events, including a map or photo view. You can also create separate lists for specific venues and organizers, rather than one overall list. And visitors will also get the useful option to search by location.  

You can also set up recurring events for events that repeat, which is another way to save you time.  

Then, there are also some unique extensions for community events and ticketing. The Community Events extension lets you accept user-submitted events, which is helpful if your site has some social aspects 


Visitors will get a few different views to browse events, including:  

  • Full calendar or monthly calendar  
  • Daily/weekly view  
  • Countdown view  
  • List view  

There’s also this rather wonderful weather module that displays weather conditions for your event, as well as an option to display event times in a visitor’s local time zone 

We have a PayPal Integration-so that you can pay an Express Admin fee and get your Event listed pronto! 





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