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Scotty T.rex (c)James Morgan The Australian Museum (AM) opens its all-new 1,000sqm touring exhibition hall with an update of its own acclaimed exhibition, Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family. The first exhibition in the world to present the full ancestral tree of the tyrannosaur family, Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family reopens on Saturday 28 November following the AM’s major transformation. Showcasing an impressive array of fossils and casts of tyrannosaur specimens, including some of the latest fossils discovered in North America, Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family provides a snapshot of dinosaur life and shows how some species in this group became the world’s top predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws and bone-crunching teeth. Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family is a landmark exhibition that explores the thrill of discovery and how new science is changing our perceptions of what Tyrannosaurus rex – the ‘tyrant lizard king’ – and what its relatives can tell us about evolution and environmental change.


 Families are encouraged to take advantage of free general admission to cultural institutions across New South Wales these school holidays, starting today.

The NSW Government is investing $5.9 million to support free and discounted entry for the next 12 months to 12 Sydney Living Museums properties, and free entry to the Australian Museum.

This complements existing free general admission to the Art Gallery of NSW, Powerhouse Museum and the State Library of NSW.

Minister for the Arts Ben Franklin said free entry is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to making enriching arts and creative experiences more accessible for families.

“We know it’s been a tough couple of years through the pandemic and keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays can be expensive, so we are delighted to deliver free-entry and discount a range of special experiences from today,” Mr Franklin said.  

“From Sydney to Nowra, many fascinating arts and cultural experiences await families across the state these school holidays. Instead of paying up to $38 for a family pass to visit most of these places, most can now be explored for free!

“Kids can put their science and cultural knowledge to the test with a visit to the Australian Museum and be amongst the first to discover the museum’s newest addition, Burra, a permanent learning and play space, or experience the multi-sensory digital installation Walking through a Songline at the Museum of Sydney,” Mr Franklin said.

Wild Planet gallery in the historic Barnet Wing.

“There is something to delight, educate and captivate people of all ages.

“We want everyone to be able to get out and about these winter holidays and enjoy the many wonderful exhibitions, tours and displays Australia’s largest arts and cultural institutions have to offer.”

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