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For as little as $250 you can own a piece of the rebellious startup taking on the supermarket giants

Good & Fugly, the Sydney startup rescuing (f)ugly, but fresh produce and delivering it directly to consumers’ doors, is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to help amplify its mission to tackle Australia’s food waste epidemic. The fundraising campaign launches through Birchal on July 11th, with Expression of Interest (EOI) kicking off on June 21st.

The cosmetic standards of supermarkets mean an astounding amount of great food never reaches our plates. In fact, 30% of all the world’s farmland is used to produce wasted food, with 25% of all Australian produce not even leaving the farm. Good & Fugly launched in 2020 to make saving the planet affordable, convenient, and delicious. Working directly with farmers, Good & Fugly curates weekly produce boxes out of fruit and vegetables that are deemed cosmetically unsuitable for supermarkets and delivers them direct to consumers.

Now, Good & Fugly is calling on investors large and small to join the sustainable food movement as it prepares to take over the nation. By utilising Birchal’s equity crowdfunding platform, Good & Fugly is allowing everyday Aussies a chance to invest in the early-stage startup without having to spend big. For as little as $250, investors can get behind Good & Fugly and own a piece of the rebellious startup taking on the supermarket giants.

Richard Tourino, founder of Good & Fugly says, “The price of fruit and veg is skyrocketing, and still, major supermarkets are rejecting produce based on looks alone. I’m excited to be launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign in a way that allows everyday Aussies, who have a true passion for the environment and Australia’s food waste issue, to get on board. Together, we can fundamentally change the way Australians buy and eat their fruit and veg.”

Tourino, who was inspired to launch Good & Fugly after seeing a gap in the market and hearing first-hand stories about the waste crisis, is excited about what the potential boost in funding will mean for the business, “We’re looking to use the capital to scale, and fuel our national rollout. We want to connect with more farmers, save more produce, and give more consumers across Australia the opportunity to purchase deliciously fugly fruit and veg.”

The team also has some clever ideas on how to give its fugly produce new life outside of its weekly boxes, with key partnerships and innovative product launches slated for late 2022.

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