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Finke mounts late surge to win men’s 800m free

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Finke mounts late surge to win men’s 800m free

Into the last 200m in the men’s 800m free final now and Paltrinieri, who opened up a big early lead, is being closed down rapidly.

The Italian turns first in lane 1 but only just ahead of Wellbrock of Germany in 5, also a fellow long-distance swimmer.

And it’s the German who makes the final turn in first! Four men in this with Mykhailo Romanchuk and Robert Finke also in the picture!

And wow! It’s the American who wins gold! Where has that come from!

Gold to Robert Finke (USA) in 7:41.87, silver to Paltrinieri (+0.24), bronze to Romanchuk (+0.46), with Wellbrock off the podium.

Incredibly, after 800m, the top four finishers were split by eight-tenths of a second.


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