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Dramatic rescue of man with serious injuries off coastal rock platform at South Coogee

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Dramatic rescue of man with serious injuries off coastal rock platform at South Coogee


Polica and Emergency services conducted a complicated rescue of a man who was reportedly swept of the rocks out to sea at South Coogee last night in the stormy seas.The man was carried back by the waves and somehow managed to land himself on a rock platform,.. and crawl onto a slightly elevated rock ledge to avoid the mountainous seas and waves washing onto the rock platform and getting carried out again.According to the witness report He claims to have remained  on the  rock ledge overnight being exposed to  strong winds and high seas caused by the tidal surge and huge surf seen in Sydney over the last 2 days.

Police were called to the ocean platform around 2pm on Sunday when a witness called Zara (who spoke to this reporter)who had been walking nearby heard the mans screams or shouts for help. As the man was hidden behind a rock ledge and obfuscated the witness said she was unable to describe the mans appearance or condition .

Emergency services reported that the man had possible broken bones and other injuries from exposure to the elements and possible injuries such as serious scratches and abrasions consistent with  being washed off the rock platform by the wild surf. The mans identity is not currently known and investigations are ongoing.


A large crew of Ambulance paramedics and police rescue squad members was required to first treat the man “in situ” and then place him in a cradle and carry him up the rocky cliffs to safety. The emergency services operation took nearly 2 hours from start to finish. The man has apparently been admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital where his condition will be further assesses and he will receive medical support and his medical condition will be further assessed.

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