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Written by Aksel Ritenis

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In these extraordinary times, the provision of viable alternative to mainstream digital media platform has never been more important,..The Sydney Times is here to serve the Sydney and NSW’s communities,.. not to enrich the pockets of a Press Baron or promote the dominance of powerful special interest groups who continue to exert an undue influence in the affairs of state both National and NSW State.

Sydney Times editorial independence has never been more important. Because no one sets our agenda or edits our editor, we can deliver quality, trustworthy, fact-checked journalism each and every day. Free from commercial or political bias, we can report fearlessly on world events and assist in the process of holding  those in power to account.

Your support protects the Sydney Times’ independence.

We believe every one of us deserves equal access to accurate news and calm explanation and analysis and this is our objective. No matter how unpredictable the future feels in Covid Times, we are determined to k delivering high-quality news via overseas sources that we can aggregate on this platform , we can all make critical decisions about our lives, health, and security – based on fact, not fiction.
We need to ensure a balanced presentation of critical news stories which is why we have a commitment to fairness in presentation of views,..we provide a platform for the presentation of Government spin but also for the Opposition without which we would both have a democratic system.

In addition We plan on extendingthe quality and range of our Lifestyle content including the ST Wine and Food Guide and Arts and Culture News and Events with the introduction of our new Sydney and NSW Events Calendar.

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This page written and authorized by the current Publisher and Custodian of Sydney Times Media , Aksel Ritenis.

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Aksel Ritenis

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