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Delicious “Berretta Prosciutto” for at “Home Dining”

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Delicious Berretta Prosciutto for at”Home Dining”

For us in  Australia,.., Italy represents the sweet gastronomic spot, and home of Fratelli Beretta.

Italy is the birthplace of “Cucina Italiana” and also great visionaries and one of western culture’s cultural epicenter — fresh, inspiring and trendsetting. Italy provides us inspiration in our daily lives and pushes us to seek new culinary adventures, living La Dolce Vita.

Genuine Prosciutto di Parma is now available pre-sliced in attractive, convenient 85 gm vacuum-sealed packs.

(Fratelli Beretta uses a special, non-absorbent paper so that the slices separate easily.

“This succulent, fruity Prosciutto is produced, sliced, and packaged in Parma, Italy under strict supervision. If our 15 lb. whole leg Prosciutto is too much for you, try one of these on for size! No water or nitrates added. After opening use within three days.”



“Cured for a minimum of 14 months AND Vacuum packed for quality and freshness Beretta prosciutto has a Subtle sweetness and Nutty flavor. It is gluten free, lactose free and Preservatives Free-it is a Dry-cured ham!

It is cured for a minimum of 16 months before being sliced and packed in the Parma region in Italy and is Vacuum packed for quality and freshness!

Beretta’s prosciutto is renowned worldwide as the benchmark for Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele, the finest quality prosciutto known nationally to Australian consumers.

You can visit Visit the Beretta’s website:



Imported and distributed exclusively by Bertocchi Smallgoods”




“The Bertocchi journey started in 1955 when Modesto Bertocchi opened the first sport cafe in Lygon Street Carlton for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
Little did he know at the time, Modesto’s vision, commitment and relentless passion would lead to the beginning of a legacy. His commitment and vision was to establish a sporting club that would entertain the working class society with early morning coffees and evening meals.
It didn’t take him long to succeed. Modesto had the foresight to attract patrons by being one of the first to install television sets in a cafe in Melbourne.
The concept took off and everybody flocked to his cafe to watch the Olympics and eat and drink. This was the beginning.After this success Modesto ventured into property and then into his craft, butchering meat. From such humble beginnings he developed a network of butcher shops around Melbourne.
Then in 1972, he purchased 4 hectares of land in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, in Thomastown.

40 years on, Bertocchi Smallgoods sprawls across 10 hectares at the original Thomastown site and is today one of the
largest producers of the finest hams, bacon and continental smallgoods in Australia.


Bertocchi Smallgoods positions itself as the number one quality smallgoods producer in Australia. Our goal is to become the benchmark brand for the domestic smallgoods market, by manufacturing the best quality at all times whilst enhancing our reputation through service and relationships.
We will strive to market the Bertocchi brand based on quality and trust.
Today, Bertocchi maintains the passion by continuing to deliver the finest quality products to consumers at competitive prices.
The core values of Bertocchi Smallgoods are Craftsmanship, experience, knowledge, tradition, trust, passion, pride, brand strength and authentic quality products which use only the finest ingredients.

Bertocchi Smallgoods | Simply the best!
Bertocchi Smallgoods Pty Ltd
ABN 58 163 884 982
97 – 113 Trawalla Avenue,
Thomastown VIC 3074

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