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Chocolate concealment no match for AFP eggs-perts

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Chocolate concealment no match for AFP eggs-perts


The AFP has responded to urgent calls for help from frustrated children who have been unable to find where the Easter Bunny left caches of chocolate eggs this season.

After our furry friend got a bit too creative when hiding Easter eggs, the AFP’s world-leading forensic team launched special Operation Easter Egg Hunt to crack the case.

Using specialist technology, capability and expertise, the AFP’s forensic team, who are often at the forefront of helping to hunt for clues, spared no effort in detecting thousands of Easter eggs across the country.

An MD3000 metal detector, which searches for evidence in the ground or on the ground, found many chocolate bunnies hidden under foliage. The team also found Easter eggs in roof cavities by using a video scope that allowed them to see areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Intelligence received by the AFP convinced the forensic team to check for Easter eggs hidden in walls or behind paintings. The hand-held x-ray identified many chocolate treats, as did the techniques used by investigators.

While the team are experts in finger print analysis, their skills also translated to tracking paw prints.

AFP member Samantha Touma said while the Easter Bunny created an extremely challenging hunt, she knew the team could come through for Australian kids this Easter.

“Despite the Easter Bunny’s best efforts, the hidden Easter eggs used were no match for the AFP’s expertise and capability,” Samantha said.

“Operation Easter Egg Hunt was an eggs-cellent success and after a long day the case was closed, allowing some very excited children to finally eat some chocolate treats.”

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