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Celebrating 17 years of Good Different at ALDI Australia

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Celebrating 17 years of “Good Different” at ALDI Australia


In 2001, ALDI opened its first store in Sydney and brought with it an entirely different approach to the supermarket scene—Good Different. From the beginning, ALDI stood out from the rest of the supermarket pack. Its stores didn’t look like normal supermarkets. Many of its products were unfamiliar to the Australian public. And customers were asked to pack their own bags.

“But Aussie shoppers soon came to recognise these differences as evidence of ALDI’s commitment to keeping costs as low as possible by eliminating the expensive practices adopted by big supermarkets.

Since those early days, ALDI has continued to buck trends, set new standards and give customers a better deal.

ALDI is the first and only Australian supermarket to rid its laundry detergents of harmful phosphates.”

In 2010, ALDI adopted a No Artificial Colours policy. And the company has brought a refreshingly transparent approach to its accounting.

The booklet includes the 17 initiatives that ALDI Australia CEO Tom Daunt spoke about at the event.

“The Discovery Night Exhibition”,attended by this correspondent,..celebrated these and other examples of Good Different”.

ALDI asked 17 Australians—some well-known, others less so—to create images inspired by 17 specific examples of what makes ALDI Good Different.

About ALDI

A strong purpose drives growth and profitability. ALDI  strive to provide their customers with high quality products at affordable prices. Losing focus of this purpose just adds costs. This might sound like a gross simplification of their  business, but intheir  efforts to ensure efficiency this remains their  driving purpose.The focus on the essentials and their optimisation of the discount principle has made ALDI the successful Australian retailer it is today.

“They  offer a consciously reduced, carefully selected range of food products and other daily necessities. ALDI  offers approximately 1,600 grocery items and a changing selection of 80 to 120 Special Buys every week.”


ALDI has been operating in Australia for 17 years; the business started with two stores in NSW (Bankstown and Marrickville) and has now expanded to more than 500 stores. Today, ALDI employs more than 11,500 Australians and partners with more than 1,000 Australian suppliers to deliver their  range of high quality products. The  exclusive brands form the heart of ALDI’S core product range. These allow ALDI to offer an optimally selected range of products and guarantee quality at the best price.

The company is  continually refining their  exclusive brands together with their  suppliers while supplementing these with other popular national brands.

Underlying this approach are  a number of operating principles that are the key to ALDI’S global and Australian businesses success.

The basic  ALDI  philosophy remains intact and is as follows:

“The approach adopted more than a century ago lives on within ALDI’s corporate culture. Simple, responsible, consistent – this is how We conduct our business operations. The responsibility for people, customers, suppliers, the communities we operate in and the environment.”

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