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Celebrate Sydney’s successes on World Cities Day

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Celebrate Sydney’s successes on World Cities Day

The Sydney Business Chamber says we should be proud of and celebrate Sydney’s many achievements in both controlling the spread of Covid while rebuilding the city’s economy on today’s seventh annual World Cities Day.

“Sydney is the envy of many cities around the world in how well have managed the Covid crisis, keeping the public safe and the economy moving through measured government restrictions and the community’s and business’ adherence to them,“ said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“Covid case numbers have been kept very low by international standards and business activity is bouncing back well, although we must stay vigilant in maintaining all Covid-safe practices.”

“Business confidence continues to improve with recent figures revealing over 70% of the jobs lost across Sydney in May have now been recovered, with the combination of Federal and State stimulus measures, infrastructure projects and planning reforms helping restore jobs and economic activity.”

A great example of this city building progress is today’s opening of NorthConnex, the 9 kilometre twin tunnels reducing commuter and freight travel times by up to 15 minutes and cutting 21 sets of traffic lights between Wahroonga and West Pennant Hills.”

”Moving goods and people across Sydney more quickly and efficiently improves productivity and people’s lives, which the Transurban built NorthConnex project will do for many thousands of Sydney residents.”

“Other major transport infrastructure projects, including the Sydney Metro line from Chatswood to Sydenham, along with the accompanying above-station commercial and residential developments, are creating jobs and driving economic growth across the city.

“Transport for NSW and Treasury is to be applauded for progressing these and other big infrastructure projects, even as the State’s budget is under pressure due to Covid.”

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